Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Imaginary Friend

I had a long talk with my imaginary friend yesterday night in bed. Yes, I do have an imaginary friend. It's good to have one. Here is why:
For a compulsive talker like myself, having someone to talk to that can can be seen and heard by no one else is pretty smart. I have trouble holding in secrets, feelings, private thoughts that probably shouldn't be spoken aloud in public. If I have SOMEONE to tell, things get easier to hold inside. My imaginary friend is my outlet for that. Furthermore, it's there for things that come to mind that really aren't that important and aren't worth sharing with the world.
An imaginary friend can be anyone you want it to be. If you have always wanted to have a discussion with David Bowie or Audrey Hepburn or whoever, let your friend take on that persona. At first, things may seem forced, but soon you will find that you can have entire conversations with that person without even trying. That's what happened last night for me. Suddenly I realized I just had a ten minute conversation... with myself. Then I just kept on conversing! I ended up staying awake for a whole hour.
People think it's weird or crazy or whatever to have an imaginary friend after the age of six. I say NO WAY. Why not hold on to childhood fantasies as long as possible? Once they're gone, they're GONE.
Even if it is crazy, no one has to see you do it. Plus you KNOW you're doing it on purpose, deep down. That's kind of a setback of imaginary friends. They aren't REAL. But we all know this. Why not just pretend they are, for our own sakes?

Listening to: Capercaillie -- Some jig or another
Things Going On Today: Hmmm... studying for Sociology Test, Book of Mormon Quiz (92%), and NO MUSIC 176 ANYMORE!!! HOORAY!

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