Thursday, March 25, 2010


So I got a date for friday with this guy who was a missionary in my old ward about a year ago...

He's very... white. And I don't mean white as in nerdy and "not black," but he's got a really pale face and very fine hair on his arms... so he's white. He's also got a lot of hair that gets pulled in a half-part (I don't know if that's natural or not) and teeth that you can't help but notice. My roommates say he looks like a clean-cut Mormon gentleman and I would have to agree. But he was also a missionary in my ward when I was in high school. Is this awkward?

So yeah. Not planning for anything stunning or life-changing to happen... Except my first real college date (which ironically happened after my first real college make-out). We're seeing BYU Singers. He had an extra ticket because he did have another date who cancelled on him.

My mom's real excited though. She remembers him from when he'd come over for dinner with his companion in the white suit and tie and the nametag.


:/ :/ :/ :/

Things going on today: Choir, the Office.
Listening to: Alejandro by Lady Gaga. Very happy about that.

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