Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Two Dreams

I had two dreams this week of note.
My first one involved getting married into a foursome of two girls and two boys. I only liked one of them and we ended up having sex in a disgusting bathroom. Things were okay though, because we asked what our favorite colors were, first. I forgot the color he said was his favorite. Oh well...

And last night I had a dream my sixteen-year-old sister was living in a trailer van and drinking beer with a bunch of other tenth graders. When I found out, I poked holes in all of the cans and crushed them on her van floor. She cried and I ran out to tell our parents. She disappeared after that.

I don't get it either. I would NEVER want to have sex in a moldy bathroom, no matter who I was havin' sex with. And my sister is probably the most saintlike, angelic, clean person you could ever meet. I don't think she's ever actually even SEEN a can of beer in real life. Oh well. Dreams are dreams.

By the way, I have been asking God if it wouldn't be too much to ask to get the Maestro to dream about me once in a while. Dreams on missions can be about anything, can't they? Aren't they just impressions from the self-conscious. I know I'm back there in his inner psyche somewhere. How could I not be? I was the last person he kissed... at least, I think I was. Either way, I'm sure he remembers me. Why can't God make him dream about me?
I suppose I shouldn't use God that way.

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