Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Vintage Hats

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These three vintage hats are my absolute favorites.

The first is my mother's hat she wore with her wedding dress when she married my father. It's late 1980's, not really sure what the designer is. Someone added the flowers after the wedding.

The second hat is my grandmother's. It is soft and beautiful. I'm not sure the era or the designer. I love to wear it with a long coat in winter.

The third hat was actually made by my neighbor, so it's not exactly vintage. It's another faux vintage piece. She made ice skating costumes for her daughter, and I got them when she was done with them. I really love this hat. It makes me feel sophisticated.


Yeah, I know it's Spring, but...

I'm in the mood for dead things right now.

My Favorite Shoes

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These are the most comfortable and fun shoes to wear. They were originally a Target product -- Xhiliration, to be exact -- but have long since been discontinued. I got 'em at a Garage Sale for a buck. But a few weeks later I saw the same ones at a thrift store for fifteen dollars. They add a lot of pizzazz to an outfit, but very subtly. I like them best with bell-bottom jeans.
----- Hannah -----

Voice Changes

I realized today that I talk to different people in different ways and in different situations. I tend to put on a more boyish, belty, alto sound (my voice teacher calls it "primal sound") when I'm talking to people my age -- people I consider my equals. When I'm talking to people of authority, however, I talk in a breathier, lighter tone. The words I say don't change, just the way I say them. I tend to talk deeper when I know what I'm talking about, or when I have an advantage over someone. I never realized this until today when I was talking to a TA about a paper. I never considered myself shy -- I still sort of don't. It's not like I am afraid to say things. But I suppose my body does respond to "shy" situations. It's funny. This TA I was talking to was my age... if not younger. She's in the same dorm complex I am in. She's nothing special. As a matter of fact, I saw her last week and I talked her her like I normally talk to most people my age. But the minute she was in TA-mode and I was in student-mode, my voice changed. Hmmm...

Listening to: "If I Had You" by Adam Lambert
Things going on today: My roommates are going to see Evictus but I am staying home to finish my New Testament song. Brandon's mission call.

Voice Changes

I realized today that I talk to different people in different ways and in different situations. I tend to put on a more boyish, belty, alto sound (my voice teacher calls it "primal sound") when I'm talking to people my age -- people I consider my equals. When I'm talking to people of authority, however, I talk in a breathier, lighter tone. The words I say don't change, just the way I say them. I tend to talk deeper when I know what I'm talking about, or when I have an advantage over someone. I never realized this until today when I was talking to a TA about a paper. I never considered myself shy -- I still sort of don't. It's not like I am afraid to say things. But I suppose my body does respond to "shy" situations. It's funny. This TA I was talking to was my age... if not younger. She's in the same dorm complex I am in. She's nothing special. As a matter of fact, I saw her last week and I talked her her like I normally talk to most people my age. But the minute she was in TA-mode and I was in student-mode, my voice changed. Hmmm...

Listening to: "If I Had You" by Adam Lambert

Things going on today: My roommates are going to see Evictus but I am staying home to finish my New Testament song. Brandon's mission call.

Monday, March 29, 2010

One of my Favorites

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This is the first piece I found at The White Rabbit. It's a vintage, 1960's shirtwaist dress. I love the cornflower color. It doesn't have a label and the material isn't that great, but it was only $5, so I'm not complaining.

The belt is also vintage. It was my mother's back in the seventies. Now it's mine. You can't really see in the picture, but it's got a griffin on the buckle. This is my favorite belt ever and I love it.


Pirate Bracelet hooray!

I got this bracelet at Pirate Island, an amazing pirate-themed restaurant in Orem. I can't for the life of me figure out who made it or how old it is, but you can find a lot of fun piratey-things at that store. And it ain't crap, either. This is a legit sheet-metal bracelet that gets people asking questions. It is a slip-on open band, which makes it a little hard to wear, but man is it amazing to look at.
----- Hannah ------

Cake and Frosting

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A wise fashionista once told me not to shortchange the basics of an outfit for the accessories. "Girls these days spend their money on all this frosting, but never enough on cake," she would say. "Don't make that mistake!" While I haven't taken this advice as seriously as I probably should, this outfit is a fashion-confection success. In this case, I was going for simply a casual way to wear this flannel shirt my dad tried to get rid of. The colors were amazing, and it was rather warm. I ended up discovering kind of a cool-and-classy country look. Note the solid-color blue t-shirt I am wearing. Target. Under five dollars (Look in the sleepwear section for some unique bold colors). Solid-color t-shirts are my cake. They can go with any number of other colors and can be as loud or soft as you want. Again, the plaid is simply a thicker men's shirt that's tied at the bottom to add some shape. There's a subtle blue stripe in the plaid that matches the shirt, but you wouldn't notice that right away. What you don't see are the cordoroy black capri pants I'm wearing, but you really can wear this kind of thing with any pair of jeans or slacks.

As for frosting, I say less is more. A simple strand of some tacky plastic beads does the trick. I hope to get some in the same shade of blue someday, but the purple isn't that ostentatiously off-balance. Add a hat (or a corresponding headband) and tada!

Awkward facial expressioins aside, this is a decent look for me. I feel it could be a decent look for almost anyone. We all have some guy we can steal a flannel shirt from -- be it a husband, a boyfriend, brother or father. The one I have is a FiveBrothers creation. The beads are easy: WalMart.

Another idea: Try tying the shirt higher along the bust line.

Sarah Jessica kind of knows what I mean... I'm sure I'll show you some more of the pseudo-cowgirl look in later posts.

----- Hannah -----

Adam Lambert

I really don't care about all the public hubbub he has caused these past few months. This man's incredible. I'm talking LEGIT talent that you just can't find anywhere. He's the kind of guy who truly deserves to be where he is. He has definitely earned the fame, and to be quite honest, he probably should have won Idol. He's not that bad-looking, either. Very few can pull off a look like his and still be considered a heartthrob amongst the general public. Yet he's on magazine covers all over the place.
But now that he's been given such a great opportunity, I suppose it's up to him what he does with it. If he wants to shine as a queer-looking boy who wears skinny pants, he should go for it. If he should make obscene gestures on live television, that's his problem. Hopefully he will understand the consequences of his decisions to make wise ones.

Pixar to the Max

I think I am the only person in the country who didn't like UP.

It was a CUTE movie... Russell was an adorable little animated character. The story itself was very touching, and the balloon idea was great, I loved Kevin....
I sure wish it wasn't Pixar that did it, though. I give Pixar the greatest respect for making FUN movies. This movie was not fun. Fredericksen's wife's death at the beginning totally put the entire movie into this sad rut that I just could not get over. I saw every character as a victim to be pitied, and so I never ever smiled for the whole movie. Pixar movies are supposed to make you smile! What's wrong with this picture? Where is the light and color that I simply loved in Finding Nemo and even the Incredibles? It's missing the vibrant life that I love. But maybe that just comes with the territory of writing a story about an old man.
I don't like Pixar people-movies. They're not as interesting to watch as animated cars, rats, bugs, robots, or monsters. I find the human beings to be the low points of every pixar movie.
Another thing: The dogs annoyed me. They were pointless and silly and seemed like creativity's final gasp before dying. If you want dogs, make a dog movie. Don't just throw them in to what may have been a somewhat believable and understandable plot.

Now that I have seen all Pixar movies currently in existence, I wish to rank them. Least favorite to first. One thing though: PLEASE don't think that I HATE any of these movies. I don't. They are all very good, high-quality movies that teach good lessons and fully entertain me. But there's always going to be a favorite, and here are mine:

10. Monsters Inc. -- Note that I have only seen this movie twice, which may have an effect on how much I appreciate it. The thing everyone loves about this movie is Boo, but little kids just do not make me ooh and aah like with everyone else. The movie was funny, but I felt like the plot was a little drag and I got a little annoyed with Mike's voice after a while. I also see little that I can take away from this movie. My favorite part was Mrs. Flint. You will find I get quite taken with memorable characters like her.

9. Up -- See above. Not as fun as I expected. The characters were very lovable, but not for the reasons I wished them to be.

8. The Incredibles -- Many of my friends think this is blasphemy. But I will repeat again that I get a little tired of Pixar people. This movie was ENTIRELY human beings. None of them had lips, except Edna, who was my favorite part. I could watch that entire movie just to see her. Superheroes, of course, make for a somewhat predictable, yet still entertaining plot. The music was excellent -- although not as good as Finding Nemo, in my opinion. What I really like about this movie is the emphasis they put on the importance of family, sacrifice, and communication. Those are important values that I think the world is beginning to discard.

7. Toy Story 2 -- Pretty good for a sequel. They maintained characters very well, and the new ones they added were good ones. But you sometimes get tired of the same Toys over and over again and it gets boring. I call this "sequel syndrome." I can only get so much of Woody and Buzz and the gang, so I worry about the third Toy Story that's coming out. Furthermore, there wasn't as much moral groundwork on this one, which was what I really appreciated about the first Toy Story.

6. Toy Story -- First off, Randy Newman's music makes the movie. I love it so much. And the toy concept works VERY well for a Pixar film, especially in its beginning stages. Characters were very toy-like, which impressed me. The plot was wonderful! It's a journey of self-understanding on a very childlike level. Plus, this one's a classic. The first. I quite like that.

5. Wall-E -- I feel like this one should be higher on the list because it is, I think, the most sincere. While the subject matter is incredibly BLATANT (that annoys me), I find myself wholly entertained besides the fact. Only a true genius could create that kind of balance between a sound focus on issues and a fun little story. Wall-E is a robot, but they do so well on his character, we begin to regard him as a human. That is masterful! The love story with Eve is touching for me. Two very different people.. I mean robots.. share this link that is beautiful. It's a beauty and the beast story.

4. A Bug's Life -- SUCH a good movie. I love the color!! Everything is green and purple and blue and it's just a work of art on a screen. This movie is also legitimately funny and quotable. There's a character for every type of person here. The plot is original, too, but bugs are hard things to write movies about. But the smallness and insignificance of them helps add to the great ideal that you can make a difference, even if you are small. The only problem I have with this movie is that my younger brother was obsessed with it and watched it over and over until I could recite the entire movie by memory.

3. Cars -- I find it absolutely incredible that I can look at a car -- a CAR -- and see a person. How do Pixar animators do it? They get it down to the mustache on Shick, Sally's pinstripe tramp stamp, and of course Mater's huge teeth. Characters are created out of CARS!!! CARS!!!??? Amazing. And it's all so colorful! Furthermore, it also teaches a great lesson: You can never do it alone.
I also have done some reasearch about Route 66 and found that the Pixar production crew REALLY took the time to learn about the culture of Historic 66. Many of the people along the way became inspirations for some of the characters. That is really neat. The time they took to learn about what they were filming makes the movie all that more meaningful.

2. Finding Nemo -- THIS is how you present deep topics to young audiences. Nemo is without a mother. He's handicapped. He has an over-protective father. These are all hot topics in the domestic world right now. But he is a fish -- not a human being -- so it doesn't hit so close to home to close people like me off. I love it when Pixar uses color, and this is the color crown jewel of the whole collection. The music is tear-jerking. I remember how desperately Marlin is trying to get out of the whale, and the music behind his cries just pull at my heartstrings. I learned a great lesson from this movie: We cannot control everything. Some things are just not predictable, and they shouldn't be. Dory is a great character, but she is just the beginning of the great depth this movie possesses. I will never get tired of this movie.

1. Ratatouille -- I laugh, I cry, I think, I don't think -- all in an hour and a half of Parisian rodentia. That takes some serious talent on a filmmaker's part. I think the plot is very very creative. How often do you think a movie proposal about a rat connoseur comes to the table and is actually taken seriously? And if I can think of anything to describe the way this movie was made, I would say it was taken very seriously. There is a deep meaning behind it that has layers and levels for different people with different levels of understanding. It teaches people to be themselves, to find what they value, and to make a difference. Everyone has a talent and a gift, and with bravery and work, dream can become realities. It also establishes the value of family and honesty and trust. So many good things in this movie. The Parisian setting is so delightful. The accents, the music, it creates a lovely mood. And come on, this movie is about FOOD. How can you not love it?
You know now that I don't like Pixar-people movies, but I must say that the animation of the people in this movie was much more unique and tangible than in Incredibles. They weren's so symmetrical and perfect. Colette is the best example of that. She looks real -- well, as real as Pixar has gotten so far. Linguini looks awkward. Skinner and Ego are great charicatures that are obviously larger than life. In the meantime, the rats possess enough human qualities to make them actually seem human. Remmy is adorable, too. Kids don't make giddy, but rats do. Something must be wrong with me.

Big Fat Mistake

When I found out some really bad news, my Grandmother called me to offer support and comfort. I am so thankful she did that. She said she was always there when I needed her and that I could come up for dinner on Sunday. How thankful I was! I was almost crying because of how peaceful she made me feel and I know she really meant every word she said about me.

How do I repay her?

I totally blank on dinner.
Not kidding. I completely spaced. She called me twice that Sunday, asking if it was still on for five-thirty. I didn't even bother to check my phone the WHOLE DAY. I feel so terrible about it. She made me feel so good and I act as if she means nothing to me. I have kicked myself enough to leave fracking bruises on my shins!! Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!!!!!

Listening to: July Flame, by Laura Veirs
Things Going on Today: I am reading the New York times, Visiting Teaching, Voice lessons... for which I haven't practiced.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Love Unconditional

Today I discovered that you learn to love the people you serve. But more than that, I've learned that the kind of love you obtain through service is the kind of love that isn't based at all off of selfish desires.

There is a difference between loving someone because you simply want them to be happy and loving someone because they love you back.

Of course, neither of those types of love are bad. I think when you find a future spouse, you need to think about love and love in return. But with people in general, it is best to love unconditionally, and without any reason at all.

That's really all I have to say.

Because Spring Is Almost Here

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I thought I would share my big find this season: A Larry Levine coat at Ragstock. It was around $10, if I remember correctly. Larry Levine coats sell for upwards of hundreds of dollars new. This one was a spectacular find. There is some wear on the lining, but it is still a classy, double breasted wool overcoat.


Just bought it...

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One thing you gotta know about me way up front is that I am obsessed with Lady Gaga. I have always wanted a Gaga T-shirt, so yesterday when I went to the Provo Mall with my roommates, I decided I would spend 21 dollars to get one.
Of all the Gaga T-shirts I saw at Hot Topic, this was the one I liked the most. I like black and white, and of course "Boys Boys Boys" is great!
I got a larger size shirt and used a studded belt to add a bit of an 80's look to the whole thing. Add some skinny jeans and some glam silver disco jewelry... voila! Instant amazing!!!

----- Hannah -----

Saturday, March 27, 2010

To give you an idea of what we're dealing with,

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Here is a pile of my vintage/secondhand clothes.

And here they are neatly laid out. I will introduce each item individually and give the story behind it.


Sherlock Returns

I saw Sherlock Holmes again last night. I loved it more the second time because I could anticipate the moments I really liked. Those moments when he became lost in thought and observation. I really wish I knew a person like that.

I discovered Jude Law this time. He is quite cute. We were talking afterwards about how he presents Watson in a whole different light that people expected. Watson, for me, was a squat man with graying hair. Not at all the debonair Jude Law character.

Of course, Robert Downey is gorgeous, as always.

Sequel, please?

Date Feedback

The date was okay, as far as first dates go.
I feel bad saying this, but I sort of hope that's the last date I go on with him. Not that he's a bad guy. He's just not my type and I sort of don't want to give him this idea that I am REALLY interested.
He bought me food, though. I love free food.
And BYU singers was good, too.

Clockwork Couture!

Goodness, where do people get such great ideas like these??

Merry Munchausen Ladies Boots from Clockwork Couture:
Comes in Purple, Red, and Black.

Get them HERE!!!
Currently the Purple is out of stock. :( Sad day.

Some Thoughts on Footwear

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Good, vintage shoes are hard to find. Shoes used to be made of natural materials that broke down over time, and people used to wear their shoes out. So when it comes to vintage footwear, it helps to be creative. These are horseback riding boots. I used to ride horses. Honestly, I did. Anyway, I have had these forever, and not had the heart to give them away. They're my stompy boots. When I started playing around with my look, I found they came in handy. They look old (goodness knows they've been worn), but they still clean up nicely. They're not the most comfortable (I made the mistake of wearing them to the Mall of America with fishnets instead of socks. Long story short: blisters) and they look really out of place, but I still like them. If you want boots like this, by all means go to a place that caters to horse back riders. You'll pay way too much if you try to buy them from a normal people shop.

Hello and a Hat

I have recently been invited to contribute to this blog and I am muy muy muy excited for this opportunity to talk about some of my favorite things: My clothes.

I should tell you that a lot of the stuff I wear I find at thrift stores or down in my basement. So while completely duplicating my look may be difficult, I hope to emphasize that a unique look can be created just by looking around the house and looking in the cheapest places possible. Really. Some of the coolest stuff I have found has been in my mom's dress-up box. Also, it's not a crime to make something yourself. I have limited sewing skills. REALLY limited sewing skills. But I, like almost everyone else in America, can take a scissors, cut out a piece of fabric, and tie it around my neck for a scarf. I can bead a few cool charms onto a chain. I can iron on a patch or applique to a purse or a pair of pants. I can tie my hair up in a knot on top of my head and scatter a few butterfly clips here and there. That's not hard. Fashion doesn't have to be hard. Have fun.

Okay now for my first item I wish to share in my collection:


Nothing fancy, really. Just an old, generic hat I found in the lost and found at my high school. No one claimed it, so I just took it and gave it a home. The feathers were also found, this time up in the catacombs of my high school theater costume shop. I suppose I should have actually TOLD my superiors that I was taking them, but you think they would have figured it out by the way I was playing around with them as I left for home. I was rubbing it in their faces! The next day I wore them in the hat and they still said nothing. I do believe I am helping them achieve their full potential far more than they ever could have in the moldy costume shop. All I did was pin one side of the hat up and stick the white plumes in the fold. I have collected quite a few feathers of different colors and styles together to add some variety.

When I put the hat and the plumes together, my initial thought was "PIRATE." Pirates are a key inspiration for me in what I wear. Of course I don't go as far as an eyepatch and wooden leg, but the hat provides a nice piratical touch. Furthermore, it's quite the gimmick out here on BYU campus. Boys comment on it all the time. "Hey Pirate-Girl!" But I now realize there are far more things I can do with an all-purpose black hat. Flowers, pins, feathers, ribbons... the possibilities are endless!! You may be seeins some of these variations in later posts.

But for now, I'll stick to the Hat Piratical

Some of my many feathers. Beer bottles and Jack Sparrows make for a great piratey scene.

Here it is in action: Pirate Island in Provo, Utah. With a white sash around the brim.

Woods of Burnsville, Minnesota

----- Hannah -----

The Newest Piece in my Collection

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I went shopping the other day while killing time. I was really hoping not to find anything, because goodness knows I don't need any more clothes. Well, I did. I found this gorgeous floral pleated skirt at The White Rabbit (my favorite store in Iowa city; it's all vintage and locally made stuff). I couldn't leave it. It's all my favorite colors. The thing about this skirt is I feel like it completely describes my style: Flirty, yet sophisticated and a little on the dark side. I am completely in love with it. By good fortune, I had purchased these tights at Ragstock a couple weeks before, and they go perfectly. Now I just need a top that actually matches. This white one is not my first choice. I don't know what era this skirt is from, because it did not say on the tag (usually The White Rabbit is good about those types of things), but I suspect it's from the nineties. Anyway, it is a welcome addition to my vintage wardrobe.


The First Piece of My Collection

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This is my mother's cameo necklace. It was given to her by her in-laws back when she was still married to her first husband, I think. Anyway, it's my favorite piece of jewelry. I had coveted it for so long, and my mother never wore it, because she doesn't like chokers. So, now it's mine. And I love it.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Another Fashion Blog?

Well, it's two o'clock in the morning and I have a sore throat. I'm not going to sleep any time soon. Might as well start a blog.

The hope of this blog is to highlight the eccentric, yet wonderful, taste of my friends. Whether it's full function, with cargo shorts and t-shirts, or all for show, with poofy skirts and stilettos, they certainly stand out.

I like vintage clothes. I like one-of-a-kind pieces with a story behind them. I like finding things in out of the way places, and keeping them for years. I'll introduce you to my favorite vintage and second hand pieces over time.


New Layout

I changed the template for my blog so that I can fit bigger pictures and more words in. The old layout was too cramped for me.

Friday Dream: Mexico?

I dreamt that I was at a grocery store back in Burnsville that was melded in with my old Junior High School building. I walked around the school/store wearing nothing but a thong and a bra. I was uncomfortable, but I did not show it. I walked with pride.
My New Testament teacher walked up to me and asked if he had seen me in Mexico a few months before. I told him I had never seen him before and that I had never been to Mexico. He was really confused. I was too.

Yeah. Dream.
Wonder what it means.
Well, it means I'm watching too much Lady Gaga and that I am still worried about my grades.

Things going on today: That date with Elder Wright, Sherlock Holmes tonight afterward. No class today.
Listening to: Rogue Machine, by the Daylights

Harry Potter Survey

List the books in order from your favourite to your least favourite.

Prisoner of Azkaban -- I was up all night reading this one. Sirius Black and Remus Lupin are wonderful characters. I love the Dementors. I love the ambiguous ending. It left me wanting more, and that's what a good serial book does.
Goblet of Fire -- Once again, the ambiguous ending makes the book. I also love the tiny hints of romance, the mini-challenges Harry needs to go through to find himself and prove himself. It's an intense book.
Sorcerer's Stone -- Because it's the first, the classic.
Deathly Hallows -- I love Snape.
Half-blood Prince -- More intrigue in this book. Character development is great. But I didn't like how little action was in this book. It's all memory-searching. It takes a long time to actually learn anything.
Order of the Phoenix -- This book seems like a waste of time. We want Voldemort! He just came back to life! And this book is hardly about Voldemort at all. Still good, though.
Chamber of Secrets -- I hardly remember any of this book. I think what makes a good book is its memorability.

List the movies in order from your favourite to your least favourite.

Half-Blood Prince -- the romance is funny and the Dumbledore scenes are excellent.
Goblet of Fire -- I don't understand why no one likes this movie! I thought it was done very well, very true to the book. The highlight of the story is Voldemort's return, but we don't even think about that until it gets there. I also love the moment between Cedric's father and his son when Harry comes back from the graveyard.
Sorceror's Stone -- Once again, it's first. It's classic. It's also so whimsical and happy. A good start to the series. The kids are so cute!
Chamber of Secrets -- It fits the book very well. Goes well with the first movie. I kind of like it for the same reason like number 1.
Order of the Phoenix -- I didn't like the book, so I didn't like the movie much better. I hate Umbridge.
Prisoner of Azkaban -- My favorite book, but my least favorite movie. I am not pleased with the director change, the flukes in the plot. The whole aura of this movie is kind of moldy. It lacks color and vibrancy. Order of the Phoenix was kind of that way too.

Top 5 favourite characters?

The Weasley Twins
Severus Snape
Remus Lupin
Ron Weasley
Hermione Granger

Five least favorite characters?

Dolores Umbridge
Lucius Malfoy
Cornelius Fudge
Stan Shurnpike
Ginny Weasley

Three favorite spells?

Expecto Patronum!

Three favorite potions?

Felix Felicis
Love Potion

Favourite member of the Golden Trio? Hermione -- I relate to her
Favourite family? The Weasleys
Favourite antagonist? Voldemort, of course. But I like the Voldemort from the first two books the most.
Favourite death eater? Bellatrix Lestrange
Favourite chapter from your favorite book? In Prisoner of Azkaban, when Harry finally realizes who it was who conjured the patronus and saved Sirius's life. It was HIM. EXPECTO PATRONUM
Favourite non-Hogwarts magical building? I would say the Burrow.
Favourite Diagon Alley shop? Fred and George's Joke Shop
Favourite Hogsmeade shop? Zonko's
Favourite Unforgivable Curse? Avada Kedavera
Favourite mode of wizard transportation? Floo Powder
Favourite Weasley? The Twins.
Favourite Order member? Original Order? Harry's Parents
New Order? Lupin
Favourite DA member? Neville Longbottom
Favourite pet? Phoenix
Favourite Hogwarts room? Dumbledore's Office
Favourite Hogwarts professor? Lupin
Favourite non-human Hogwarts resident? Nearly-Headless Nick
Favourite Tri-Wizard champion? Krum
Favourite house elf? Kreatcher
Favourite wizard sweet? I always wanted to know what a pumpkin pasty tastes like
Favourite couple? Ron and Hermione
Favourite friendship? Lupin and Sirius
Biggest surprise of the series? Snape loved Lilly.
Biggest letdown of the series? Fred Dies.
One character you wish lived? Tonks
Moment that will make you cry? Fred Dies.
Your patronus would be a ______? Meh... a bird of some kind
Three things Amortentia would smell like to you: Paper, lilacs, and old spice
You would use Felix Felicis to ______? nail the audition for the school of music
Ron/Hermione or Harry/Hermione? Ron/Hermione.
James/Lily or Snape/Lily? I don't know. It would not be intriguing if there weren't a Snape/Lilly, but obviously James/Lily had to work or Harry would not have existed....
Do you think Harry Potter is better than Twilight? natrually!
Are you going to go see the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 in theaters? Probably.
Do you own the books/movies? All but the sixth movie.
Have you ever played any of the video games? Not for a long time.
Don’t they kind of suck? Yes.
Do you think it would be cool to have a pet owl? Meh....
How about a rat? Nah.
Have you ever listened to the soundtrack? Parts of it.
Which house would you want to be in? Ravenclaw
Do you like Draco? meh.
Would you ever enter the Tri-Wizard Tournament? Heavens no
Do you keep your money in Gringotts? I'd rather keep it there than in my mattress.
What class would be your favourite? Divination and Potions
Do you think you would enjoy being a witch/wizard? Maybe.
Actor(s) most like the book character: Alan Rickman as Snape. Best. Choice. Ever.
Actor(s) least like the book character: The new Dumbledore but it's something that had to happen so I'm not complaining that much.
Favourite movie set: The Department of Mysteries.
Favourite movie scene: EXPECTO PATRONUM
Favourite scene in the movies not included in the books: I wanted more Dept. of Mysteries.
Scene you were most disappointed didn’t make it into the movie: St. Mungo's
Death Eaters or Dumbledore’s Army?: DA
Fred or George?: George. He's still alive.
The Ministry of Magic or Gringotts?: Gringotts. Though I really don't see why I have to pick between the two.
Sirius or Lupin?: Lupin
Occlumency or Legilimency?: Occlumency. Legilimency seems too evil.
Animagus or metamorphagus?: Animagus
Mermish or Parselmouth?: Parselmouth
Draco or Lucius?: Draco. I blame his father for everything that is wrong with him.
Peter Pettigrew or Mundungus Fletcher?: Peter Pettigrew.
Whomping Willow or flying Ford Anglia? Whomping Willow. I love the name.
Invisibility cloak or Pensieve?: Pensieve seems the most valuable and the least devious.
Grimmauld Place or the Burrow?: The Burrow
Werewolf or Inferi?: Wereworlf.
Herbology or Care of Magical Creatures?: Herbology
Professor Binns or Professor Umbridge?: Anyone but Umbridge.
Peeves or Nearly Headless Nick?: NHN
Hippogriff or Thestrals?: Hippogriff. I don't want to have someone die to make thestrals a part of my life....
Durmstrang or Beauxbatons?: Durmstrang. HOT BOYS.
S.P.E.W. or the Inquisitorial Squad?: I hate them both.
Portkey or Apparation?: Portkey. More quaint.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Maybe I should start a restaurant...

The guy who owns Los Hermanos lives a few blocks away from some friends of mine. This is his house:

It's that big one on the hill. GIGANTIC.

I've Gone GAGA

Amazing what a blonde wig and some cool black accessories can do.


So I got a date for friday with this guy who was a missionary in my old ward about a year ago...

He's very... white. And I don't mean white as in nerdy and "not black," but he's got a really pale face and very fine hair on his arms... so he's white. He's also got a lot of hair that gets pulled in a half-part (I don't know if that's natural or not) and teeth that you can't help but notice. My roommates say he looks like a clean-cut Mormon gentleman and I would have to agree. But he was also a missionary in my ward when I was in high school. Is this awkward?

So yeah. Not planning for anything stunning or life-changing to happen... Except my first real college date (which ironically happened after my first real college make-out). We're seeing BYU Singers. He had an extra ticket because he did have another date who cancelled on him.

My mom's real excited though. She remembers him from when he'd come over for dinner with his companion in the white suit and tie and the nametag.


:/ :/ :/ :/

Things going on today: Choir, the Office.
Listening to: Alejandro by Lady Gaga. Very happy about that.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Laundry Lyric List

I'm feeling a little better. A good night's sleep always helps when you're in a troubling situation.
I want to share some possible song concepts/lyrics with you. These are little snippets that may not ever make it to music, but hey, it's fun anyway just to document these kinds of things because they are all still important.

She's like a little bird
because she fills her room with shiny things
that sparkle in the light
and glow in the night
mirrors, crystals, sequins
that's how she lays her nest.

I've learned a lot from my laundry
Like have you noticed now no one wears
a one-legged pair
of pants?
All the best things come in twos
you need two shoes
to dance?

Don't you know I'd do it all for you
There is nothing that I wouldn't do
I'd change my J to a W
if you asked me to
if you asked me to

Monday, March 22, 2010

More Sad News

Okay so I worked really hard on something and I didn't get what I wanted.
Furthermore, it effects my entire future.
I feel frozen in time right now. I have nowhere to go and nothing to do.
No passion, no dream, because a bunch of faculty shot me out of the sky while pursuing the one dream I had.
Golly I wish I was back in high school when I was the best at everything. Heck, if I were at any other college right now I'm sure I'd be sailing smooth. Only here, in MormonLand, everyone's good at everything. Rats.

So this is what square one looks like.
I don't like it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Feeling Very Unloved right now.

Okay I feel like I can say this now...

I accidentally fell asleep today while writing a letter. My church had a dinner this afternoon. I NEVER said I wasn't going to go. NEVER.

So when I randomly don't come out of my dorm to go to the dinner, you'd think my roommates might at least ask if I was going, right?

Well, they didn't. I probably would make that mistake too, so I really didn't wanna bug them too much about it when I woke up and found that everyone had left without me.

So I hurry there and say, "Gee guys, thanks for waking me up." I was TRYING to be sarcastic, but I fail miserably at it and probably sounded more biting than I intended.

But the response? No apologies, that's for sure. Instead, "You should be responsible for waking yourself up, Hannah. That's not our job."

Well this came from the girl who I woke up every monday and wednesday for a class at 6:30 in the freaking morning. I COULD HAVE said, "It's your responsibility to wake yourself up." But I DID'NT. I woke that girl up every day. WHY? Not out of the goodness of my heart. I did it because I want her to like me. Well, that's not working. Nope. She still finds every chance she can to tell me I'm wrong and I am still always picked last. Always.

On top of that, another girl said, "We just thought you weren't coming."


I AM SICK AND TIRED OF PEOPLE ASSUMING THAT I JUST DON'T WANNA DO THINGS. No one asked!! No one cared! How in heaven's name can they know what I'm thinking if they don't even ask anymore!

IF ANYONE ASKS, here's what I would tell them:
I care about their opinion. I TRY to be liked and accepted around here! Very very hard.
But at one point, sometime in February, I just gave up and quit trying. I just didn't go to the dances and the parties and the whatevers they do together. If I feel like a third wheel whenever I go to those things, I just don't stay anymore. Maybe they're just seeing this as indifference. Well, it's not. It's shame and abandonment. If they only took the time to ask or even just notice anything, they'd figure that out.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ballet Coolness

Today I saw my roommate's ballet showcase and came across a really cool concept:

Imagine a mirror. A ballerina in a full tutu is looking through it and sees herself as a contemporary artist in the reflection. They have a bit of a battle back and forth and at the very end the ballerina pushes the modern dancer back into the reflection. Kind of a battle between tradition and change. I really liked it. Also a bit of a "beast within" ideal.

There was also a really cool song they played that was a Peter Gabriel number. Must find.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Back with a BANG

I've been gone a while, but here's a little bit of amazing for ya!

Allow me to explain:

1. Women's Pleaser "Kiss" 1020: $63.95, 2-inch platform and 6-inch heel. Also in white.

2. Women's Pleaser "Adore" 1020: $98.95, 2.5-inch platform and 6.5-inch heel. Also in clear or white

3. Women's Pleaser "Sky" 1020: $94.95, 2.75-inch platform and 6.75-inch heel. In leather or patent.

4. Women's Pleaser "Sky" 1020 with Chrome platform heel: $74.95, 2.5-inch platform and 6.5-inch heel. In black and white.

5. Women's Pleaser "Taboo" 1020: $72.95, 3.5-inch platform and 7.5-inch heels. Wear at your own risk.

I've Been Thinking About Bridges Lately...


Old English brycge -- "causeway over a ravine or river"
From Proto-Indo-European word bhru -- "log or beam"

A structure that allows people or vehicles to cross an obstacle such as a river, canal or railway etc.

Tallest Bridge in the World:
Millau Viaduct, France: 1,125 feet high

Longest Bridge in the World:
Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge, China: 261,588 feet long

Other Famous Bridges:
Sydney Harbor Bridge, Australia:

London Tower Bridge, England:

Golden Gate Bridge, United States:

So when you're riding home tonight,
Make for the bridge with all your might!
For once you cross that bridge, my friend,
The Ghost is through, his power ends!
-- Disney's Ichabod Crane

Under the Bridge downtown
Forgot about my love
Under the Bridge downtown
I threw my life away
-- Red Hot Chili Peppers

I know a man who may need a new assignment
to hand in his heart and take his last vacation
attempting to spoil imagination
if anyone ever wonders where he went
I wouldn't say that he spent his time driving over
burning, burning, burning bridges
-- Jason Mraz

When darkness comes
And pain is all around,
Like a bridge over troubled water,
I will lay me down
-- Paul Simon

I've seen the bridge and the bridge is long
And they built it high and they built it strong
Strong enough to hold the weight of time
Long enough to leave some of us behind

And every one of us has to face that day
Do you cross the bridge or do you fade away
And every one of us that ever came to play
Has to cross the bridge or fade away
Standing on the bridge looking at the waves
Seen so many jump, never seen one saved
On a distant beach your song can die
On a bitter wind, on a cruel tide

And the bridge it shines
Oh cold hard iron
Saying come and risk it all
Or die trying
-- Elton John

I think it's interesting that when you type in "burning bridges" on Google Images, you don't get a bunch of pictures of bridges covered in flames. In fact, it took me a very long time to even find one picture of an actual burning bridge. So, what does this mean?

It means the idea of a "burning bridge" is a mindset. It's a symbol of a decision that cannot be taken back, no matter how much you want to.

So, what are the bridges I have burned, recently?

Relationships I have had. How many words have I said that I wish I could take back? How many times have I forgotten someone or something important? The worst feeling of all: Knowing that these decisions effect the way people feel about me. Reputations are ruined, lies are spread, and nothing is ever the same. The words "too late" ring like an echo in my head. Too late. The bridge is burned. Of course, there are some that can be rebuilt, but any project like that takes time, patience, and a lot of hope. It also takes work, something I don't like doing.

In the meantime, there are also bridges I have yet to cross. Experiences, journeys, relationships. All will have trials I need to cross over. In the meantime, are there others out there who are wading through trouble waters? Can I be a bridge?

The answer: Yes I can.

It's Friday

Yes, it's Friday. Time for a dream...

I already included two dreams for you this week, but this one I think is a little more blatant:

I dreamt that my ASL class had switched buildings. It was 7 AM, so there was hardly anyone there. It's was up on the fifth or sixth floor, and when I tried to get up there I got totally lost. I finally found a sort of "secret floor" between floors number five and six and found it, but by that time class had already started and the quiz had just finished. Professor Blackburn was collecting them from the students. I asked if I could take the quiz, but she said no. I was late, so I missed the test. I began to cry because I knew this test had a huge impact on my grade but she would simply not allow me to take the test. My feelings moved from fear to humiliation to sorrow to anger to everything in between. Everything but happiness.

So obviously I'm worried about my grades. And yes, it's ASL that's the make-or-break for me this semester. It's a 4-credit class, so it has a HUGE effect on my GPA. And it involves online quizzes that are only open for 24 hours. A few weeks ago, I missed one. That brought my grade down from 92 percent to 86 percent. Yikes.
I know what you're thinking: So what? It's a B+! But keep in mind it's halfway through the semester already and I gotta maintain an A- average to keep my full-ride scholarship. So yeah... I wanna bring this grade up. I asked if I could take the quiz, even though I missed it, and Professor Blackburn said no. She was very nice about it, though, and promised there would be extra credit opportunities. Sure enough, she just posted a ten-point movie op that will bring my grade back to an A-. There's just no more room for error, though. That's a little scary.


Today I wore all black and it felt really good. I let my hair hang down over my face and I walked with a bit of a hunch and I held my arms limply to the sides. It was if I was disappearing, but everyone was watching me do it. No one would ever dream of asking my name or even saying excuse me if we knocked shoulders... Yet every one of them knew I existed. I was a shadow with a shadow.
I haven't done the whole black-thing in years. Within my years of high school, I moved out of the Goth look and into a world of neon and jewel tones. It's much more exciting now. More variety and more possiblilities. With the Goth look, the only colors you can wear are black, black, a little red, more black, and maybe some random colorful accents from time to time. Now, I can have an entire outfit made from purple and orange. The next day, I can wear all maroon. There are days when I dress like a rainbow. It's very fun. Of course, there's always the fact that I do NOT have a goth personality whatsoever. No wonder I did not feel fulfilled that way.

An outfit idea I've always wanted to try is when I dress as a rainbow from head to toe. Red hat, orange sunglasses and necklace, yellow shirt, green skirt, blue pants, purple shoes. I have a green skirt, a yellow shirt, an orange necklace, blue pants... still need the glasses, hat, and shoes... But it's definitely doable. I'll take a picture when I finally get the outfit together.

By the way, are you wondering at all about those self-portrait shots I put up the other day?
It's become a hobby of mine to take pictures of myself in various outfits and styles, touch them up on picnik, and just keep them as expressive artworks for me to enjoy. Some, of course, are better than others, but they all say something about my personality, methinks. I'm on a personal self-discovery these days, so the image always seems to change. In particular, I like the autumnal shot with some leaves in my hair. That was a totally accidental look. I stuck them in my hair one autumn day as my roommates and I were coming back from the creamery. My roommates wondered why I put them there, but when I got home, I quickly shot a picture of myself and I thought I looked pretty good. So I kept them. That with the red coat and the choker makes the whole thing look, well, fall.

The jealousy one is kind of cool, too. I don't think I look my best in it (I never look my best in pictures), but I love the color of that crocheted poncho top and the photoshopped eyes. I also like the Charlotte Russe headpiece with the eyenet. A purple feather hair accent on top completes that ensemble.

Look Into the Beyond is a Trelawney reference. I was her for a costume party a few weeks ago and I loved loved LOVED the tousled hair with scarf look. It's SO seventies! The costume as a whole was a success, though I think I look better without the glasses.

Finally, the GAGA/Warhol-esque tribute with the sunglasses and blue lips is just a blast of artistic expression, no real meaning behind it... The eyenet returns.

Okay, this is a long and tangential entry. A tangentry? Yes! Exactly! A tangentry. Point is, I liked going back to black today. Can't wait to do it again.

Listening to: Better Than Ezra, "Misunderstood"
Things Going on Today: New Testament test (92%), Glow-in-the-Dark Dance; I'm not going because I am the only one in my dorm who doesn't have a cool shirt. It's important to me. It's like a symbol of how I feel among them. Different. (see blog entry: On being different than everybody else)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Blogs: An Update

I found I have trouble distinguishing what I put within each of these four blogs I have... Here is my Blogosphere Address, a Bill of Rights of sorts for each of my blogs. Here goes nothing:

Item 1: This blog, Stuff Worth Reading
The intent of this blog is to be an artistic outlet and thought-provoking read for those who come across it. It is written with a full intention to be seen, read, reviewed, and commented on.
Acceptable Material: Life documentary. A record of my daily comings and goings, various artistic attempts, dreams I have had, and other random thoughts and blurbs I have on a day to day basis. My chance to be psychological and creative in my thought processes.
Unacceptable Material: Movie reviews, boy stories, Lady Gaga (unless twisted in some way to have a personal connection to myself), things too private to be seen in a blog.

Item 2: A Number of Things
The intent of this blog is to review and comment on the world around me. This is where I share my favorite (and not so favorite) artists and media. As with the above blog, this is meant to be read and commented on.
Acceptable Material: Movie reviews, book reviews, music videos, Lady Gaga (lots of her), other media sharing.
Unacceptable Material: Personal poetry, photography, and art. Personal applications must be limited, only when necessary in explaining or elaborating on other media.

Item 3: My third blog, which I will not name because it's private.
The intent of this blog is for my own personal growth and development. This one's about people I know and things that happen to me that I really don't wish to share with other people, at least not directly.
Acceptable Material: Letters, emails, messages that have touched me, personal poetry, thoughts, personal lyrics, realizations and epiphanies. Boys and romance are acceptable here. Obscurity is also encouraged here.
Unacceptable Material: Diary Entries (all explanations and elaborations are in a written diary that will not be shared or posted), pictures, media. Just straight thoughts as they come out of the head.

March 18, 2010

What do you do when the only friends you have on campus decide it's funny to draw pictures of you as a bossy psycho killer?
I don't know either.

Listening to: Mika because my roommates are playing it WAY too loud in the other room.
Things Going on Today: Cleaning checks, choir, sent a letter to a missionary friend.

Rah Rah Ro Mah Mah

Hey Jealousy