Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Voice Changes

I realized today that I talk to different people in different ways and in different situations. I tend to put on a more boyish, belty, alto sound (my voice teacher calls it "primal sound") when I'm talking to people my age -- people I consider my equals. When I'm talking to people of authority, however, I talk in a breathier, lighter tone. The words I say don't change, just the way I say them. I tend to talk deeper when I know what I'm talking about, or when I have an advantage over someone. I never realized this until today when I was talking to a TA about a paper. I never considered myself shy -- I still sort of don't. It's not like I am afraid to say things. But I suppose my body does respond to "shy" situations. It's funny. This TA I was talking to was my age... if not younger. She's in the same dorm complex I am in. She's nothing special. As a matter of fact, I saw her last week and I talked her her like I normally talk to most people my age. But the minute she was in TA-mode and I was in student-mode, my voice changed. Hmmm...

Listening to: "If I Had You" by Adam Lambert

Things going on today: My roommates are going to see Evictus but I am staying home to finish my New Testament song. Brandon's mission call.

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