Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I learned love is like a brick. You can build a house or sink a dead body.

I knew that quote long before the words were used as lyrics...

Anyway, I thought you all oughta know that Lady Gaga's directorial premiere, the Judas Music Video, is probably my favorite that she's come out with so far.

On E! News, Lady Gaga discussed the video and called it "a fresco."  And I can totally see it.  I didn't notice how well this music could fit with some middle-eastern dancing and colorful Jewish art.  It's gorgeous.  All of the outfits, the scenes, the biblical portrayals, the Biker culture.  All are done tastefully and with deep meaning and love.  Love.  It's obvious Lady Gaga loves this song and its story.  The story is quite simple.  All the Biblical metaphors aside, it's about a girl who just can't let go of a bad boy.  She knows it's unhealthy, she knows it's not going to end well, and yet she pursues and pursues.  You can see that in the video.  Gaga, aka Mary Magdeline, while loyal to Jesus and his work, still feels the lurking love for Judas, even as she watches him betray her master, and even as she is stoned for her apostleship at the end of the video.  The fashion and choreography in this video is stellar.  And it's so clean!  Yeah, the immodesty is there, but wow...  I've been so used to the crazy near-nudity and sexuality of videos like Alejandro and Telephone... Now she's calming down, it seems, working in a different kind of unique territory that isn't as much about shock value as it is about artistry and beauty.  I'm liking that turn.  I have a feeling the Edge of Glory video will leave me with similar feelings.

My favorite outfit... the first one.  The purple veil with the gorgeous crown by Marianna Harutunian... who is amazing.

So Incredible

Listening to:  Judas... again and again.
Blessings:  YouTube, a Swell Roommate, tomatoes that don't fall apart when you cut them.
Things Going On Today:  Start a paper, end an entry.

A Shark...

It's been a while, so I guess I could update the world on what I've been doing these past few days...

Now that the boyfriend is gone to Seattle, I suddenly have more time to focus on homework and reading and sleeping and other good do-by-yourself things.  I'm taking two classes this semester -- 4th Semester American Sign Language and Intro to Contemporary Art -- and they've been pretty cool, more or less...

The ASL class turned out to be harder than I originally expected.  I spent two or three hours practicing for the first midterm but still only got 79% on it.  That's the lowest grade I've ever received on a midterm.  Ever.  So now I'm all paranoid that I won't get an A in the class.  So I'm working hard to get 100 percent on EVERYTHING in that class now.

As for Contemporary art, I think I got a shot at an A.  My paper is going to be about Damien Hirst, this guy who  dips sharks in formaldehyde as a metaphor of death.  I don't quite understand it yet, but I think I will once this paper gets written.

The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living

What else?  Oh yes, my new roommates.  I've sort of latched on to my ROOM-roommate, Sammy, who's from California.  She and I have a lot in common and that's pretty cool, seeing as we came from completely different backgrounds and didn't know each other existed before we were set in this room.  She is very brave, very musical, and always looking for a good time.  I have a feeling she may have the key to unlocking my social single self again.  Spending a whole semester with a boyfriend in the ward kind of tunes you out to the rest of the ward population, and now I need to try reconnecting with people.  Sounds fun...

Listening to:  The Edge of Glory by GAGA.  An amazing song, by the way.  Like nothing she's ever done before.  Kind of a Springsteen-esque anthem with a dance twist.  There's this pretty cool sax solo in the middle that gives it some class, and she soars on these high notes I didn't know she could sing when she came out with the Fame.  By the looks of things, this is going to be a pretty good album, methinks.  
Things Going On Today:  Laundry, no work.
Blessings:  Headphones, TA labs, and... sharks.  

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why I have not blogged in a while:

Reasons why I haven't blogged in a while:

I've been reading up about Greenberg, Camus, and Picasso.
I've been eating Red Vines up the wazoo until I get sick.
I've been attending fondu parties.
I've been calling my boyfriend who left for Seattle.
I've been crying over said boyfriend.
I've been attending a deaf ward.
I've been mulching like crazy.
I've been trying to meet people.
I've been trying to do well in school.
I've been trying not to die because my favorite person is gone.

That's about it.

Listening to:  Ancient Voices of Children
Things Going On Today:  Church, mother's day.
Blessings:  A bed.  A pillow.  And lots of blankets.