Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Dream: Mexico?

I dreamt that I was at a grocery store back in Burnsville that was melded in with my old Junior High School building. I walked around the school/store wearing nothing but a thong and a bra. I was uncomfortable, but I did not show it. I walked with pride.
My New Testament teacher walked up to me and asked if he had seen me in Mexico a few months before. I told him I had never seen him before and that I had never been to Mexico. He was really confused. I was too.

Yeah. Dream.
Wonder what it means.
Well, it means I'm watching too much Lady Gaga and that I am still worried about my grades.

Things going on today: That date with Elder Wright, Sherlock Holmes tonight afterward. No class today.
Listening to: Rogue Machine, by the Daylights

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