Monday, February 28, 2011

My IMMEDIATE Reaction to Lady Gaga's Born This Way Video

This is exactly how I feel about it immediately after watching it one time:

What a gross orgy of flesh and crazy.  Does she honestly believe she's "birthed" a new race of non-prejudiced people?  That's a very arrogant statement.
Loving the skeleton-with-side-ponytail look.  Hate the fact that she's humping some random guy the whole time. What's the point.
LOVE the "cosmic madonna enthroned" look she's got going on.  If the whole video were THAT, I'd feel better.
I don't even mind when she's in nothing but a bikini and dancing.  It's just the bodies all over each other that freaked me out a bit.  And the way they did that kaleidoscopic thing.  It all felt so erotic.  Blegh.  This is NOT my favorite video by Momma Monster.
I didn't mind the manifesto spiel at the beginning, though I really think she's all talk.  Heck, I don't think she even wrote that little speech without some help from her robot friends she keeps so close to her.  For some reason, after watching this video, she doesn't seem as genuine anymore, and I don't quite know why.
I'm loving the ending.  That baseball, gap-tooth outfit she wore.  Totally reminds me of what she said about girls calling her Horse-teeth at school.  And then she rides off with the unicorn.  Good ending to an otherwise crappy, trippy, overly-erotic music video.

My ranking of Lady Gaga Music Videos as of Now:

-- Bad Romance
-- Paparazzi
-- Alejandro
-- Telephone (second half)
-- Born this Way
-- PokerFace
-- Just Dance
-- Lovegame (nobody likes this video.)

Despite my critiques... I'm gonna watch it again.

Listening to: Born this Way
Things Going on today:  Great interview with Dr. Broomhead, Bishopric FHE
Blessings:  Getting off work, teaching experiences.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Grammys Part 2: Katy Perry

Katy Perry, the princess of pop, had an ongoing valentine theme at the Grams this year.  She appeared on the Red Carpet in an evening dress designed by one of my favorites, Armani.  The bustier top is madewith Swarovski crystals, and check out the angel wings!!

Perry appeared with her very own Valentine, Russell Brand.

Her Grammy performance included her hits "Not Like the Movies" and "Teenage Dream."  During "Not Like the Movies," she included never-before-seen footage of her recent marriage to Mr. Brand.  She kept the amazing Armani coming, sitting in a giant swing.

I thought this performance was lovely and personal.  Katy sort of has this plastic doll-image going, so it was nice to see her do a number where it's a little more organic and a little less auto-tuned.

She said "Teenage Dream" went out to all the Valentine Lovers of the evening...

And she ended the night with.. yep, more amazing Armani...

Listening to:  Not like the Movies
Things Going on Today:  Church, fasting, cookie night
Blessings:  No snow.  

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nothing Like...

Pudding in a teacup.

Rihanna at the Grammys

I'm sorry, but isn't this dress a little disturbing when seen too close?

Rihanna's looking happy in this Jean Paul Gaultier dress, but her stunning smile is sort of dulled by the lack of dignity that is that dress.  What is she, naked under there?  Come on!  Simply too much is left to the imagination with this dress.

From far away, however, I think this dress has some serious quality to it.  Look at how it looked on the runway!  I particularly like the black gloves and veil.  Adds a cool bit of contrast.
I still don't see why you can't just at least wear a flesh-colored leotard under there, though.  YUCK.

Listening to:  Adele, "Rolling in the Deep"
Things going on Today: I finally get to be lazy
Blessings:  No homework for the weekend.

Adele "Rolling in the Deep"


This definitely is going on my list of good things...

This video... "BLOWS"

This girl is kinda nuts.  Or on something.  Or both.

Notice how there are unicorns in the video... further proof that Ke$ha cannot do anything without Lady Gaga doing it first to inspire her.
I'm also not liking the more "glamorous" look she's got going on.  The reason why I like Ke$ha is because she wears these amazing street clothes and knows how to accessorize.  This is a boring video.


Now I Feel Like a Real College Student

Thursday Morning:

6:45 -- Wake, print humanities assignment, fix paper jam, leave house five minutes late
7:58 -- Barely make it to the grounds office in time to hitch a ride from my boss, who is in a bad mood today
8:00 -- Begin work.  It's warm today, so begin right away.  Clear out leaves inside of 5's, lots of pods, tree rings, mud
11:00 -- Leave work early.  Walk to campus.  Buy Subway (the only meal you will have until past 9 PM).  Guzzle lunch over New Testament Homework.
12:00 -- New Testament
1:00 -- Library.  Find books on Winslow Homer.
1:35 -- Humanities.  Turn in assignment.  Take copious notes.
3:00 -- Women's Chorus.  Show tonight, so Sister A's giving you a beating a bit.  Also worked with new guest conductor, which felt weird but refreshing at the same time.
4:00 -- University Chorale.  More singing.  Leave five minutes
5:25 -- BOOK IT home.
5:40 -- Five minutes to change into women's chorus garb, grab a piece of toast, and snag your music, makeup, earrings, and socks.  Don't even bother with nice hair.
6:00 -- Call time for Women's chorus performance.  Organ doesn't work right away, so now Sister A. is really pissed.
6:15 -- Twenty minutes to find a bathroom and do makeup and maybe straighten up my hair a little bit.
6:35 -- Warm-up with women's chorus.  More singing.  Go through all our pieces.
7:15 --  Perform four numbers.
8:00 -- Perform final number with combined choirs.
8:15 -- Head home.
8:40 -- Start that five-page paper that's due tomorrow.
9:30 -- Talk on the phone for way too long.
12:00 -- Still working on that paper...
2:00 -- Haven't finished the paper, but it's starting to snow and you know you'll get called within the next couple hours to go shovel it.  Sleep

5:30 -- Get the call.  Time to get up and shovel.  3 and a half hours of sleep.
6:00 -- Shovel for four hours.  First round, the snow is about a foot deep in some places.  It comes down really hard so you end up having to do the entire area twice.
9:45 -- Go to McDonalds
10:00 -- Head home, but realize that purse was left at McDonalds.  Get THIS CLOSE to having a nervous breakdown.
10:30 -- Purse successfully retrieved.  Someone brought it to the counter and they kept it for me.
11:00 -- Work on paper for another two hours.
1:00 -- FINALLY.  PAPER IS DONE.  Print it off.
1:30 -- Exhausted.  Take 45-minute nap.
2:30 -- Voice Lessons
3:00 -- Women's Chorus
4:00 -- Get home. Eat two scoops of frosting for dinner. Sleep.
5:00 -- Boyfriend Comes over.  Watch Community.
7:00 -- SLEEP on boyfriend's lap.
9:00 -- Wake, decide that I already have lost enough sleep that a few more late hours wouldn't hurt.  Go to boyfriend's house.  Watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 and talk until past midnight.
12:45 -- Finally go home.
1:00 -- Do homework
1:45 -- Go to sleep

6:30 -- Get a call.  It snowed again.
7:00 - 9:00 -- More snow.
9:30 -- Arrive at home...

Wow.  six hours of sleep over the span of three days.  I totally feel like a college student now.

Listening to:  Dutch.
Things Going on Today:  Worked.  Snow.  Bought Songbook for Voice lessons.  Emily's got a show tonight...
Blessings:  Snow Pants.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In Other News...

My sister created a blog!  Good for her.
I don't think I've expressed how much I freaking adore that woman.  She's three years younger than me, but I find her to be well beyond her years, maturity-wise.  Most of the time.  The only time she's not mature is when I'm being not mature with her, and then it's fun.

This is an old picture, but it describes the relationship I have with my sister very very well.  Crazy hair.  Dinosaurs.  Fat men.  This is our life.  

Last time I saw my sister was Christmas break.  We -- along with my brother -- played the most epic face game you will ever witness.  Prepare yourself; some of these pictures may shock and disturb you.

I miss everything about my sister.  I can't wait 'til she joins me here in Happy Valley.  Until then, Happy Valley isn't so happy...  

Listening to:  The buzz of my heater.
Things Going On Today:  Met my new boss, Got 85% on a quiz I did not study for, and wrote an art history paper.  
Blessings:  A free evening.  Visiting Teaching.  Skype.  


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Each heart is a pilgrim

Each heart wants to know
the reason why the winds die
And where the stories go.

Monday, February 21, 2011

New Gaga Project

Guess what?  I'm putting all the Lady Gaga TV and Radio Interviews since the release of "Born This Way" on a playlist.  I will be able to listen wherever I go.
I suddenly am fascinated with radio.  Emily's got me hooked on NPR's RadioLab and now all this Gaga business.  I never thought just listening to people talk (without adding any input of my own) could be so satisfying.

Listening to:  Radiohead, "Karma Police"
Things Going On Today:  NO SCHOOL, so I'm working very hard on catching up on all my homework.  About halfway there, and it's 2:14
Blessings:  My guitar capo, Google Books, and my Jesus Blanket

Gaga Rainbow, Pt. 6:


Gaga Rainbow, Pt. 5: