Saturday, March 27, 2010

Some Thoughts on Footwear

Originally Posted on Outward Expression.

Good, vintage shoes are hard to find. Shoes used to be made of natural materials that broke down over time, and people used to wear their shoes out. So when it comes to vintage footwear, it helps to be creative. These are horseback riding boots. I used to ride horses. Honestly, I did. Anyway, I have had these forever, and not had the heart to give them away. They're my stompy boots. When I started playing around with my look, I found they came in handy. They look old (goodness knows they've been worn), but they still clean up nicely. They're not the most comfortable (I made the mistake of wearing them to the Mall of America with fishnets instead of socks. Long story short: blisters) and they look really out of place, but I still like them. If you want boots like this, by all means go to a place that caters to horse back riders. You'll pay way too much if you try to buy them from a normal people shop.

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