Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Blogs: An Update

I found I have trouble distinguishing what I put within each of these four blogs I have... Here is my Blogosphere Address, a Bill of Rights of sorts for each of my blogs. Here goes nothing:

Item 1: This blog, Stuff Worth Reading
The intent of this blog is to be an artistic outlet and thought-provoking read for those who come across it. It is written with a full intention to be seen, read, reviewed, and commented on.
Acceptable Material: Life documentary. A record of my daily comings and goings, various artistic attempts, dreams I have had, and other random thoughts and blurbs I have on a day to day basis. My chance to be psychological and creative in my thought processes.
Unacceptable Material: Movie reviews, boy stories, Lady Gaga (unless twisted in some way to have a personal connection to myself), things too private to be seen in a blog.

Item 2: A Number of Things
The intent of this blog is to review and comment on the world around me. This is where I share my favorite (and not so favorite) artists and media. As with the above blog, this is meant to be read and commented on.
Acceptable Material: Movie reviews, book reviews, music videos, Lady Gaga (lots of her), other media sharing.
Unacceptable Material: Personal poetry, photography, and art. Personal applications must be limited, only when necessary in explaining or elaborating on other media.

Item 3: My third blog, which I will not name because it's private.
The intent of this blog is for my own personal growth and development. This one's about people I know and things that happen to me that I really don't wish to share with other people, at least not directly.
Acceptable Material: Letters, emails, messages that have touched me, personal poetry, thoughts, personal lyrics, realizations and epiphanies. Boys and romance are acceptable here. Obscurity is also encouraged here.
Unacceptable Material: Diary Entries (all explanations and elaborations are in a written diary that will not be shared or posted), pictures, media. Just straight thoughts as they come out of the head.

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