Friday, April 24, 2009

New Format

I changed the format of my blog for two reasons:
1. The background of the old blog template sucked.
2. I like change.

I want to make my blog be really pretty and all that, but it's not working very well. My title needs some sprucing up and maybe I need more pictures... plus there's all that ugly black space everywhere. I'll figure it out.

Reasons Why I Like West Side Story:

This used to be on my sidebar, but now it's here.

  • "Cuz your ma's hot for me!"
  • "Te adoro, Antone!"
  • "When You're a Jet you're a Jet all the way from your first cigarette to your last dying day!"
  • "Womb to tomb?" "Birth to earth!"
  • "You all killed them! Not with knives or guns! But with hate!"
  • "You forget I'M in America!"
  • Action -- What a cool character. Actually he's not "cool," as you find in the musical...
  • Anita -- Holy cow. Super woman. She's smart, pretty, passionate, and a great dancer!! I wish I was more like her!
  • Anita's Clothes.
  • Babyface -- shows that even tough gang kids can have a heart.
  • Doc -- what a smart guy. He sees the big picture in all the goings on. I like him.
  • Maria -- the first "damsel" that I actually liked. She's beautiful. So what if it's not her voice, she looks stunning and she acts like a Maria should act.
  • Renaldo -- If I were ever to date a puerto rican, he'd be the guy.
  • Riff -- How smooth is he? His voice ain't great, but man that guy can move!!
  • The accents of the PRs
  • The Balcony Scene -- much better than Shakespeare!
  • The dance that maria and tony do when they first meet each other
  • The face Tony gets when he realizes he just killed Fernando
  • The fact that even though these guys are street gang members, they can still do ballet!
  • The Getting Together dance -- HA!
  • The phrases "daddy-o," "oobly-oo," and "buddy boy"
  • The short pants all the guy's wear
  • The Snapping -- What a cool way to start the show! And those whistles! Man! they make it recognizable.
  • The Song "America" has hilarious lyrics and its power and triumph is so great it brings shivers to my spine
  • The song "Cool" -- amazing dance part. And I really like Ice as a character.
  • The Song "Dear Officer Krupke" is hilarious and it breaks the dark mood really well. "Hey! I've got a social disease!"
  • The Song "I feel pretty." Holy cow this song can be sung anywhere, at any time, anyplace, for any occasion. And I love songs that do that.
  • The Song "Maria." I want someone to sing this song to me one day, except of course it would be "Hannah."
  • The Song "Somewhere" has beautiful lyrics and a melody that just pops out of nowhere.
  • The Song "Tonight" is also very triumphant and the lyrics are genius
  • The way the PRs whistle "My country 'tis of thee" when Shrank kicks them out of the store.
  • The Wedding -- Oh, how sweet. they aren't really even getting married but it still has that presence about it. I love how they act with each other.
  • Tony -- What a sweetheart! It's a powerful thing to see that he'd die for his girl. Wow... It's so sad that he dies, but at least he still gets to see Maria one last time.. oh, how precious!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Forbidden Love

He walks into the room
And my heart catches fire
He passes my desk
And I'm filled with desire
I want him near me
But I just don't know what to do.
Try to ignore it.
Try to sit still.
But I just can't focus
He's giving me chills
But I know that I'd die
If I ever found out that he knew...
The look of his body
The sound of his voice
He makes me surrender
I know that I haven't a choice
I'm crushing and blushing
Crawling and falling
For someone I can't even have
I know I've got it pretty bad
Fantasize, legitimize
Try to justify
These feelings I can't hide
Forbidden love I'm feeling deep inside.
My brain's like a magnet
Pulled to his shine
His lips part to speak
And I feel them on mine.
Ten feet away from me,
Still, we are worlds in between.
I see the picture of his daughter
Sitting with his wife.
How could this man be
The love of my life?
How could a man like him
Make me so weak in the knees?
I can't shake this passion
Can't make this dissolve
They say "ask your heart"
But I don't think my heart is involved...
So I'm crushing and blushing...
I just can't get my mind
Off of what he wore today
I go over again
All the words I'm gonna say
But then he comes toward me
There's a fire inside my soul.
My voice of reason dies
And my body takes control.
Face red
Brain dead
Dirty pictures fill my head
Tongue tied
Brain fried
Imagine laying by his side
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Yes, I'm crushing and blushing...

Mike - Chuck

I wonder
What the two of you were like
In high school...
You probably loved to laugh
Your hair was long
Your face soft, round
And smiling.
Were you on the baseball team?
Or perhaps you would skate?
Was your girlfriend a blonde as well?
Did your friends make jokes
At how you held hands in the halls
And snuck her kisses
When you thought no one was looking?
Did you make smart-aleck comments from your desk
in the back of the room?
In hopes to impress her?
I suppose that was what you were like
Blonde hair and letter jacket
Blue eyes and high school sweethearts
back then
Would I have been one of them?
Feeling your sweet whispers in my ear?
And what about you?
You were probably a hoot!
Full of trivia, stories, and questions.
You stood in the corner
Or did you stand along the side,
Making comments when you could
Eyes glued to the paper on your lap?
Would you smile at a sweet girl in overalls
From behind your book
Afraid to say hello?
You were probably alone a lot,
Counting stars, memorizing movies, playing chess?
Fascinated by everything --
But did you worry, like me,
About fitting in?
I suppose that was what you were like
Glasses and polished shoes
Gazing at the world around you.
back then
Would I have wanted to be your friend?
Comparing math problems on a bench in the hall?
Years have passed away
And Your pasts are like shadows
But I see their silliouettes
And wonder:
Who were you?
And how did you become
The heroes you are today?


A simple name. Short for Charles? Or did your parents only call you that when they were angry?
The first time you saw Luke Skywalker, you wanted to be him. You held your own lightsaber, gritted your teeth, and flared your lips under your round glasses. shhoom zoom! Your friends in princess gowns and pirate hats would fall, giggling, amongst the jack-o-lanterns, as you thrust your saber toward their hearts. i'm sure theirs weren't the only hearts that were broken, then. Your mother stood beside and laughed, tears in her eyes, at your play. Her own little Jedi, growing up into a fine young man.
The next year was the year she got you that cape. Superman -- no problem too big for you to fix -- nothing you cannot solve. You flew about the kitchen, a flash of red between the curtains, under the stairs. You teased your brother, flying some more, calling to him, begging for him to be a villain.
There came a time, I suppose, when the cape grew a little too small for your neck. And both you and your brother realized there were far more important things to do than play superheroes. He was caught up in his garage band, and you had homework and friends to do it with. I'm sure you often just gave them the answers and you'd then spend your time cracking jokes and making paper footballs. Of course, your friends would end up paying for their lack of studying with their test scores, but you always seemed to do well, without even cracking a book. And of course your friends would give you a hard time about it, and maybe secretly, in the back of their minds, they were waiting for the day they'd beat your science score.
Yes, the cape is gone now, but you still lived your dreams of flying and fighting crime with the doodles along your notebook margins. They weren't good, but they got the message across. There he was -- the amazing Superman -- a giant hole in his side, where the three-hole punch had earlier impaled the page. You'd end up leaving these stray sketches at the bottom of your locker, and sooner or later they'd find their way to the trash, but they were there. Superman was there, waiting to fly.