Friday, April 24, 2009

Reasons Why I Like West Side Story:

This used to be on my sidebar, but now it's here.

  • "Cuz your ma's hot for me!"
  • "Te adoro, Antone!"
  • "When You're a Jet you're a Jet all the way from your first cigarette to your last dying day!"
  • "Womb to tomb?" "Birth to earth!"
  • "You all killed them! Not with knives or guns! But with hate!"
  • "You forget I'M in America!"
  • Action -- What a cool character. Actually he's not "cool," as you find in the musical...
  • Anita -- Holy cow. Super woman. She's smart, pretty, passionate, and a great dancer!! I wish I was more like her!
  • Anita's Clothes.
  • Babyface -- shows that even tough gang kids can have a heart.
  • Doc -- what a smart guy. He sees the big picture in all the goings on. I like him.
  • Maria -- the first "damsel" that I actually liked. She's beautiful. So what if it's not her voice, she looks stunning and she acts like a Maria should act.
  • Renaldo -- If I were ever to date a puerto rican, he'd be the guy.
  • Riff -- How smooth is he? His voice ain't great, but man that guy can move!!
  • The accents of the PRs
  • The Balcony Scene -- much better than Shakespeare!
  • The dance that maria and tony do when they first meet each other
  • The face Tony gets when he realizes he just killed Fernando
  • The fact that even though these guys are street gang members, they can still do ballet!
  • The Getting Together dance -- HA!
  • The phrases "daddy-o," "oobly-oo," and "buddy boy"
  • The short pants all the guy's wear
  • The Snapping -- What a cool way to start the show! And those whistles! Man! they make it recognizable.
  • The Song "America" has hilarious lyrics and its power and triumph is so great it brings shivers to my spine
  • The song "Cool" -- amazing dance part. And I really like Ice as a character.
  • The Song "Dear Officer Krupke" is hilarious and it breaks the dark mood really well. "Hey! I've got a social disease!"
  • The Song "I feel pretty." Holy cow this song can be sung anywhere, at any time, anyplace, for any occasion. And I love songs that do that.
  • The Song "Maria." I want someone to sing this song to me one day, except of course it would be "Hannah."
  • The Song "Somewhere" has beautiful lyrics and a melody that just pops out of nowhere.
  • The Song "Tonight" is also very triumphant and the lyrics are genius
  • The way the PRs whistle "My country 'tis of thee" when Shrank kicks them out of the store.
  • The Wedding -- Oh, how sweet. they aren't really even getting married but it still has that presence about it. I love how they act with each other.
  • Tony -- What a sweetheart! It's a powerful thing to see that he'd die for his girl. Wow... It's so sad that he dies, but at least he still gets to see Maria one last time.. oh, how precious!

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