The Hot Guy Hall of Fame

I relate a lot to The Ugly One on Homestar Runner's Teen Girl Squad.  "I have a crush on every boy."
In an effort to put my boy-craziness to a somewhat functional use, I've created my WALL OF FAME.  Basically, any man in showbiz -- real or fictional -- that I find attractive can make it onto this list.  They are in no specific order, and sometimes I really can't explain why I find them gorgeous.  They just are.  Love can be blind.  

Darren Criss:  Originally Harry from A Very Potter Musical.  Now a series regular on the television show Glee.  Decent voice, nice curls, and a showman's attitude.  Hot.

Mr. Darcy.  If I need to explain why this man is attractive, you live in a cave.  I prefer Matthew McFayden's looks over Collin Firth's, but who the actor playing the character of Darcy is beside the point.  The ugliest man in the world could play him, and he'd be hot.  That's just how hot the character of Mr. Darcy is!

Jason Wade.  Lead singer of Lifehouse.  Searching blue eyes, melancholy pout, and a silky-turned-snarly voice to boot.  Definitely hot.

Evan Lysacek.  Olympic Gold-Medal figure Skater.  You gotta be pretty hot to look straight while doing triple axles on ice while wearing dance pants.

Cilian Murphy.  Recently played in Batman Begins, Inception, and Tron.  I put him under the category of "creepy hot."  He's got this spooky smolder that leaves you wondering whether or not he's going to drink your blood with his breakfast or fold you into his long arms in a lasting embrace...  Okay I'm monologuing.  

Jason Rathbone:  Most famous for his role as Jasper in the Twilight Series.  He makes a hot vampire, indeed.

Robert Downey Junior.  Noted for playing Iron Man, but I liked him a lot in his recent role as Sherlock Holmes.  He's rockin' the wise-guy studly look.  Hot. 

Drake.  Definitely the tough-guy hot.  A face you simply cannot say no to.  

Enrique.  Double Hot.  No explanation or justification needed.  

Bobby Darin.  Watch him sing.  He's hot.  

Brandon Flowers.  Lead Singer of the Killers.  Wears feathers.  Sings from his heart, and an honest-to-goodness family man.  Hot. 

My man Bruno Mars.  Plays piano, sings like an angel, and to top it all, he is capable of actually feeling what he sings.  Hot.


I don't care what anyone says.  Justin Bieber has nothin' on the hotness of Elvis Presley.

John Francis Daley.  He plays Dr. Sweets on the TV Show Bones.  Sweets is a psychologist.  Hot. 

Joseph Gordon Leavitt.  Hot enough to have three names.  

Liam Neeson.  Proof that age is not a factor for hotness.

Lil' Wayne.  Yes, Lil' Wayne.  Hot, in a dangerous sort of way. 

Yeah, I know.  Another Taylor Lautner picture.  Don't we have enough of those?  The answer is no.  This man is hot.  I don't care how bad the Twilight movies are.  You can put it on mute and fast forward all the Bella/Edward Scenes.  I just want HIM all night long:

I dedicate this post about the hotness of Jimmy Stewart to my friend, Anna Koski, his biggest fan.  She's the one who got me seeing this guy in a new light.  She still celebrates his birthday every year...

Jason Dohring.  You may remember the show Veronica Mars and his character as the obnoxious yet charming Logan Echols.  Yes, he's hot.

Michael Buble.  Not the hottest in pictures, but pretty hot when you put him in front of a microphone and just listen for a few minutes.  

Eddie McClintock.  Also a Bones character, Sully.  Hottest guy with a cleft chin I have seen. 

Mr. Rob Thomas.  You could call him the Apollo of the Music Industry.  Hot.  

Sean Farris from Forever Strong.  You get a lot of hotness in that movie.

I can't NOT put Clay Aiken on the page, because I had the biggest crush on him back when I was like twelve.  I had a shrine for him on my wall.  I saw him in concert (front row, no less).  Of course he hasn't aged extremely well, but back before he came out of the closet, his mug was a gift to ladies everywhere. Besides, who says gay men can't still be gorgeous?  *sigh*  Yes.  I have since moved on to bigger, better, and hotter things, Clay, but there's always a place in my heart for you.

Gene Fracking Kelly.  One of the masters of the sultry smolder.  Kudos to his ability to dance while still looking straight.

Timbaland.  He looks cuddly.  That's hot. 

Jonathan Groff, who played Jesse St. James in the first season of Glee.  He had a nasty character, but he managed to look hot while playing him.  

James McAvoy.  Hottest little fawn ever.  I seriously can't get enough of him.

Yes, I have fallen in love with an animated character.  Say hello to Prince Philip, the studliest Disney Prince EVER.

Shia Labeouf.  Forever Young.  Forever Hot. 

What Wall of Fame would be complete without Zac Effron?  He maintains that boy-next-door quality through the years... And, as HSM says, hes a charismatic humanitarian!  Yay Zeffron!

It is also very important that I have a picture of Christian Bale on this page.  He is by far one of the handsomest men I've ever seen.

And Gerard Butler.  How could we forget him??  The guy's got the perfect balance of manliness and softie-ness.  It's wonderful.

Speaking of Gerards, I still have the tiniest crush on my Junior High heartthrob, Gerard Way, from My Chemical Romance.  The red hair fits him well.

Pitbull.  Yes, Pitbull.  I think he looks rather distinguished.  And I like his accent.

The character Leonard from The Big Bang Theory.  Hot nerd.

Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye also make the list.  Two unstoppable showmen with a humble aura about them.  As seen here...

Jude Law.  Looks young, even when he's balding.

I just watched Singin' in the Rain the other day...  Have to put Donald O'Connor on the hot list.  Make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh!

Also saw Newsies for the first time since forever.  I forgot how cute Christian Bale was at that age, but I also couldn't ignore the fact that, for a kid, Spot Conlin's character was pretty adorable as well.  I remember being sort of obsessed with him when I was a child. This actor, Gabriel Damon, sort of disappeared. He's not half as attractive as he was in this movie.

West Side Story is one of my favorite movies.  And Richard Beymer's Tony?  Hunk.

Okay.  Rupert Grint is also pretty hot. 

And I can't believe I didn't put these two on before, but JAMES AND OLVIER PHELPS definitely make the hot list, as do their Harry Potter alter egos, Fred and George Weasley.

Elijah Wood is not perfect... but then again, most people aren't.  Isn't it nice to know that you can have a gap-tooth grin, eyes the size of Nilla wafers, and a slightly small head, and STILL be hot??  

Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory -- but only when he's smiling like this!!  

Dick Van Dyke was quite the stud back in the day.  Definitely goes on the Hall of Fame.  

Pat Monahan from the band Train.  He's a rock star, and he's adorable.