Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fiji Water

Once upon a time, I went to High School.  I had crushes on many boys, but for a while I had a thing for this kid named Grant who sat in front of me in English class.  His birthday was 3 days before mine, and he played  lots of sports.  He had big blue eyes and a kind smile.  I would use every possible excuse to talk to him.

Near the beginning of the year, my mom indulged herself while shopping and got a pack of really fancy Fiji water bottles.  The bottles themselves were square.  Of course the water inside didn't last very long.  I brought my bottle, unopened, to school and I decided to crack it open during English class.  As I sipped, Grant looked behind, saw what I was drinking, and said, "Hey! I've heard about that Fiji stuff!  Mind if I had a sip?"

Of course, I couldn't say no, so I handed him my bottle and he very carefully let a few teaspoons of water flow out of the bottle and between his lips without them touching each other.  His eyes were on me as he did so.  When he finished, he gave me back the bottle and said, "That's good stuff! Much better than regular water!"

These Fiji water bottles were very durable, so mom thought it would be a good idea for me to re-use them and just fill them up again with water from the tap.  During school, I would finish a bottle and then refill it at a drinking fountain.  During English class one day, I left my bottle on the table and Grant turned and grabbed it without asking for my permission.  He brought the bottle to his lips, swallowed a few gulps, and then closed it up again with a satisfying sigh.

"Yep," he said. "There's definitely a difference."

To this day, he does not know that what he drank wasn't Fiji, but tap water from the fountain down the hall.

Friday, May 24, 2013

I wrote some Journals in Junior High...

...and I called them Heart and Amy.  Their contents span from Summer of 2004 to Spring 2005.  The interesting thing about this journal was how I signed my name after each entry.  Sometimes I signed them as "Hannah" or "Hannah Johnson," but sometimes things got interesting. Here are all of the names I signed at the end of Heart's journal entries:

  • Hannah
  • Broken-hearted in Burnsville
  • Annie McNeal
  • Winona
  • Aaron-less Annie
  • Zahn the Electric Warrior
  • Clay-Crazy in Burnsville
  • Claymate
  • Zahn
  • Ben-Crazy
  • Hannah: But why?
  • Hanna
  • Hannah Johnson AKA ANTI-Overachiever
  • Hannah Johnson
  • Hannah Mark-less
  • Aubrey/Amy Wannabe
  • "Christine I Love You" CRAZY! Hannah
  • Paulbegone
  • Mother-Abbess-to-be
  • Hannah Jarett Lover
  • Claymate (Hannah)
  • Non-poser (I hope.)
  • Hannah <3's Mark
  • Hyde Lover
  • A very upset, depressed, and angry person who loved you. I loved you.
  • Furious Hannah who hates Mark and economics!
  • Lillian Helena Hannah Johnson (my name)
There are other things interesting about this journal.  I will list them: 

Listening to: "Kidney Now!"
Learned: How to make blondies!
Blessings: Free bananas and discounted blinker-light repair.
Things going on: Work, celebration of a birthday, and car shopped.