Saturday, February 27, 2010


- to keep warm on a cold winter's night
- to place over two matresses to make a fort for roommates
- to swaddle a baby
- to throttle a fire
- comfort for a child .. or an adult
- to lay out to rest on in a grassy feild for a picnic
- to be cut up and given to children for a family memoir
- to create a scenic view from a clothesline in a country neighborhood
- used as a tablecloth
- a napkin
- a kleenex
- a shawl or hood for evening visits
- cut a hole in the middle and you got yourself a poncho
- a rug
- a work of art, hung on a wall
- a pillowcase
- to sheild car windows from the sun
- a ghost cosume
- makes sex more comfortable
- to keep blood off the bed when birthing babies
- to keep blood off the floor when murdering a person
- an apron
- a weapon -- wet and twisted, filled with rocks, pulled tight to gag a person
- a bookmark.. a big bookmark
- a good service project for church
- pretend to be a bird
- to cover a television when children are watching questionable content
- to hide when you are naked
- to hide when you are playing hide and seek
- to hide your face when you don't want to see something.
- to accent a sofa
- to give at a bridal shower
- cut up and used as a dish towel
- cut up and used as a rag to wash cars


- To build a house with, as well as with mortar and water.
- To throw at a building to crash a window, then break in and steal stuff
- To trick your friends by filling their backpacks with them when they're not looking
- When painted, it can make a great paperweight
- with holes, you can make a flowerpot
- It's fun to hear the noise it makes when you throw it in the air and i hits the pavement
- To describe the brain of a person you dislike
- To buld a wall surrounding a fortress
- To hold down a flower press
- To hold down a broken CD player (I'd love to use one of those)
- To break a porcelain glass
- To make into a mural
- To set a boundary around one's property
- A weapon -- either placed in a bag or thrown as a projectile
- Inspiration for a color of deep red
- A souvenir when you go to Nauvoo

Broaden your mind!!

I was Sybill Trelawney for a Harry Potter Costume Party last night.

I wanted to be Bellatrix Lestrange but I'm glad I went as Trelawney. There were so many Bellatrixes at the dance. I only saw two Trelawneys besides myself, and neither were as good as mine.
Everyone says I fit the part of Trelawney well... I don't know about that, but okay. She's pretty weird, though. In a good way. I like the glasses and the headband.
I'm excited for the seventh movie. Oh yes, oh, yes.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Laura Veirs "July Flame"

I love this song. I love this video. I love this girl. I really want to write songs like this someday.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lonely House Walk

I spent three hours today walking around in freezing rain trying to find a place to live next year. It was the lonliest three hours of my life. My beautiful straight hair got all wet, curly, and frizzy. My hat was soaked, my boots were soaked. I was soaked. I got to Moon apartments. Someone was actually there to show me around and I actually got to see the inside of a complex. The woman who lived there was the nicest person ever. She even drove me to some other apartments. I think I get along better with strangers than with friends.

Then I spent another twenty minutes walking back up to my dorm in (still more) freezing rain. My toes still hurt. And I still feel lonely.

I decided it would be really fun to live completely by myself for a semester, kind of like Thoreau, except of course I'd be going to college and still talking to people. I could even call it Walden and it could be my creative haven. Moreso, I think, than any shared apartment would be. But of course Dad says it'd be good for me if I had the social experience. Of course it might suck, but sucking builds character. Just think... I'm building character. Right. Now.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On Feeling Exceptionally Different

I got a letter today that I sort of want to share:

Yeah, I do say "don't care what other people think," but maybe you should! I dunno, maybe you should just attempt to act a lot more the way people expect you to act. And if that sounds mean or something, I'm sorry. It's not meant to be. It just seems like you have this love-hate relationship with being dfferent thatn everybody else, like you're somehow proud of it, but at the same time wish you were "just like everybody else." I'm not even sure what "just like everybody else" means, because everybody is unique. It jsut seems to me like you've gotten it in to your head that youre somehow exceptionally different than anybody else and sometimes you embrace it and other times you resent it or something. I don't know, I'm not you, but if that is something of the case, I would suggest to just stop thinking about yourself as exceptionally different in the first place.

He's right... but easier said than done.

I want to talk a bit about being different. There are some things that make a person different that can't be changed, and probably shouldn't ever have to be. A person's color, wealth, etc. It's not fair for others to try and make them feel like they have to change. I am straight, for example. I don't think I should have people telling me I should be gay.
But there are things that can be changed. The way I dress, the things I say, the decisions I make. I am my own person. I can pursue my own dreams and be who I want to be. I have a right to control my own self to the best of my ability in the way I want to. If I want to dress like a giant lobster, I can if I want to. But of course, society will definitely view that negatively. I admit, some things society deems right and wrong are a bit irrational. Just because I don't wear skinny jeans doesn't mean I should be shunned from society. Just because I say words like "beseech" and "connundrum" doesn't mean people should think I'm crazy. But there are things... how I treat other people, how I interact. People pick up on things and make judgements about me. I have little control over that.
So I have a choice. I can either be exactly who I am, do what I want and not care what others think. Or I can be wise in the ways of society, figure out what things I need to change, and then change them. What is worse? Conforming? Or rebelling? Is it rebelling? Is it conforming? What if society is right? In the meantime, I'm still questioning who my "true self" is? I don't think a person can say, "This is just the way I am," because you can change who you are. Who you are is based on the decisions you make. And YOU make them. It's not like there's an external force that's making you choose one thing over another. So if I conform to society, am I denying the person I really am? Well, no. I just am what society wants me to be. That's not terrible. I am not lying to myself if I am totally committed in my decision.

In the meantime, am I really as different as I think I am? I get told over and over again that I'm "weird," "unique," "different." But am I different because people tell me I am? Is it a self-fulfilling prophecy? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Is my weirdness innate? CAN I change it? Mr. Letter Writer was right. I think of myself as different from others. But only because people tell me I am different. I have conformed to their own belief, formed it as my own.

So in order to stop thinking of myself as exceptionally different from everyone else, I have to stop listening to people who tell me I'm different.... which is not conforming. Which makes me more different? Hm... It's quite a muddle.

Concerning Auditions

They never go exactly as planned. They're either a complete and utter failure -- worse than you could ever imagine, or they're so much better than you ever expected. My audition two days ago was the latter type. Thank goodness.

Some tips I find that help me come audition time:
1. Practice. And not just by yourself. Practice singing/acting/playing in front of people. First, make it people you know well. Your instructor, of course, as well as your family and friends. Then ask if they can recruit some strangers to come and watch you for a few minutes. See if you can get someone who knows a lot about what you're auditioning for, someone who can give you some ways to improve. But even if your audience knows nothing about opera or golf or whatever, it will get you comfortable performing in front of people. That way your judges will be nothing more than just more people you get to perform in front of.
2. Drink water. It doesn't matter what you're planning on doing, water is a refreshing way to make you feel better. It is the cure-all solvent, cleans out your body.
3. Dress your personal best... the way you feel most comfortable. This was something my voice teacher told me. She said to do your hair the way you feel a diva would wear it. Wear shoes that make you feel like queen of the world. Wear your favorite tie. Dress to impress... yourself. You'll feel better about yourself if you're not fidgeting with a shirt you never wear or pulling on tights. The judges only REALLY care about if you came prepared... you don't have to wear a skirt if you don't want to. Just as long as you're dressed confidently and intentionally with something that maes you feel comfortable.
4. Get there early. You might get to see how other people do on their auditions. You can learn from them, just as people after you can learn from you.
5. Make friends with some other auditioners. I know it's hard to see them as nothing more than competition; you may feel like you're fraternizing with the enemy. But try to remember that they're probably just as scared as you are. You're all in this together. If you get to watch them perform, focus more on just enjoying their performance. That will calm you down, cheering for someone else.
6. Your body reacts to stress. For me, I shake. Really bad. My legs were like jelly, even though I felt like my brain was totally focused and relaxed. Sometimes you just can't help it. But taking deep breaths and focusing just on what you are doing -- as if no one were watching -- is what's important when you're up there on the stage auditioning.
7. No matter how the audition goes, don't dwell on it afterward. Just relax; do something you love; don't allow your mind to think of the things you could have done or what the judges may be thinking. That's not important. What's done is done. Youc an only move forward.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blanket and Brick

My crack at the IQ Divergence test...
But first, a little explanation.
I'm currently reading the book Outliers, which talks about success and how people become rich, famous, or blessed in one way or another. A whole two chapters are devoted to the "genius." I learned in this book that there are different kinds of geniuses, and some facets are easier to measure than others. There's your basic IQ test, which asks CONVERGENT questions. You've seen these before. Logic problems, math sequences, spelling puzzles, those one-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-other questions. You are trying to come up with the one right answer.
Well, I'm talking about a DIVERGENT test. This one you may not have seen. Instead of finding one answer, you're trying to think of as many possible answers as you can. It's brain bending on a whole new level. You see, not everyone who is a genius has intellect. Street smart is, in fact, a legitimate intelligence. It's the intelligence you have when you really know how to communicate with people, when you can see things in ways that don't exist right away. These are the people who end up getting ahead because they know how to manipulate their circumstances, make things fit to their needs and desires. I don't think I have this intelligence, but there's a way to find out.
There are 2 words on this test:
1.) Blanket
2.) Brick

The goal of this test is to think of as MANY functions for these two items as possible. There are no limits at all. Just keep going until you can think of no more.

Countdown to Valentine's Day #4

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reassurance that things will be okay.

I have decided that being completely awake and focused on work non-stop can make a person sick. It's made me sick...

I have two weeks. Can it be done? Yes.
Once again:
Failure is not an option.

Listening to: "In My Head" by Jason DeRulo
Things to do today: Book of Mormon Quiz, Choir, and (you guessed it) homework.

Countdown to Valentine's Day #7

For those of you who have kids and need a Valentine Idea....
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Sunday, February 7, 2010


I told my roommate to change my facebook password so that I wouldn't be tempted to spend forever on it when I have so much work to do. My idea is to do as much as I can this week so that next week I can ease up, relax, and look over what I have done.
This is a very daunting task. But I can do it. I must do it. Failure is not an option.

Listening to: "We need to remember what used to be good." From 13 Going On 30
Things Happening today: Ward prayer, when I announce how Choir is going to be starting up, lots of other homeworking.

I'm doing as the Romans Do...

I saw When in Rome last night with my roommates, and it was really good.

It wasn't much different from any other chickflick, though.

The best part was definitely the four crazy lovers. There's even a Napoleon/Pedro moment, which was wonderful. JD from Scrubs also was in it. And Veronica Mars was in it... or at least the actress, Kristin Bell. She's a quirky actress. Very forward and comical. The guy was good, too. But once again, the four crazy guys were definitely the best.

More of a laughing than a crying movie.

Countdown to Valentine's day #8

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Countdown to Valentine's Day

These next ten days I'll take you on a journey through cute and flirty Valentines shoes... They're really not in any particular order of importance (though I've got quite the surprise for you when February 14th comes around), but I'm trying to get a variety of different pumps for different chumps...
#10: oh...DEER! Women's Pink Gelato Heel
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I am learning the value of work this month. Huge projects, big tests, no time.
But I almost enjoy the high of studying hard and getting work done before play. I'm preparing for next year, where odds are I'll be living almost completely on my own. I'll have a lot of time on my hands, and I best be doing things worthwhile, like getting good grades and being successful.
Is this bad for me? After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
But lets be honest, have I EVER been dull?

DREAM of the WEEK:
Last night I dreamt there was a karaoke party in my dorm lobby. There were some giant matresses we got to sing on and we'd all bounce up and down with microphones in our hands. I sang my own impression of "Hey Jude," which sounded pretty good to my ears, actually. Then the Killers showed up and did their thing and of course blew us all out of the water. I made fun of Brandon Flowers' funny dances he does and he got offended.
In the meantime, one of my roommates was complaining about how her mother hates her. And another one was mad at me because I was quitting facebook... which I am, for a few weeks. Til all this work stuff is done. Anyway... that's my dream for the week.

Listening to: "God's Green Earth" by Point of Grace. Fun gospel tune.
Things happening today: Aural skills exam (which I know I will fail; that's why I'm taking it early), ASL lab.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Music and Sleep

I've decided that trying to fall asleep to music only works if the music has no percussion in it.
I was up for two hours last night trying to get to sleep to the tune of Barenaked Ladies. Didn't work.

My friends say Enya produces a soporific effect, but I find that even acoustic guitar can be quite soothing. I recommend the Tengelsen Brothers or Kirby Heyborne or maybe some Robert Francis.
It also helps if the music is very quiet. Ipods are annoying in the fact that you can't turn them down past a certain level (do they WANT your ears to blow out?). When this issue comes up, I tend to only use one ear -- the one that's not against the pillow, if you're a side sleeper like me. Turning your earphones outward, away from your ear canal, can also help muffle the sound.
Of course, this is in the case where listening to music through a speaker is out of the question. I sleep with a roommate, but if you have your own room I'd suggest turning the volume way down on a set of speakers because then there will be a bit of a "distance" effect on the music as well.
P.S. If you use a speaker system to go to sleep, you might wanna try waking up to music as well. Create two playlists, if you can: One for sleeping and one for waking up. As one might expect, it is best to use faster dance tunes in the morning. Best wake-up call, no doubt in my mind. Beats an alarm clock.

Listening to: "Mi Mancherai (Il Postino)" by Josh Groban
Things Happening today: Music 176 part 3 (out of 4... one more to go!), ummm... wednesday.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

Lady Gaga at the Grammys

First off, she should have won album of the year.

Taylor Swift is hardly an artist. I admit, she writes good songs. They're songs about love and relationships and finding yourself and all these other great things... but she still belongs NOT on album of the year, NOT on top country album, NOT at the grammys.
Gaga has done more in one year than any other artist in HISTORY. How could she not win?
Anyways, to her fashions...
All her outfits this year were from Armani. I was surprised, a little, at how conservative and actually GLAMOUROUS a few of these were. If you compare these to her VMA treats they're a lot more understandable... well, as understandable as you can get in Gaga-Land...
This one was definitely my favorite. It kind of brought me back to her early days with the cubism crystal dresses, but it kept the amazing shoes. I don't see how this is any more extreme than the outfit Rihanna wore that same night.
That is just some amazing art on top of her head...
The performance itself was phenomenal. She kicked off the night with a bit of stageplay and "Pokerface," the one song that was up for some kind of award or another that night (she did win best pop/dance album of the year... and I think something else... so she didn't go home completely empty handed). I love the pink and green.
But anyway, after getting thrown down a chute, she appears with this amazing looking piano with arms on it (I scratch my head at the symbolism). And who should be there but ELTON JOHN!!! In green sequin glasses!!
How amazing is it to have such a grand legend as him sing "Speechless?" Amazing amazing amazing. I could watch this video a hundred times.
And of course there's her red carpet dress, which got everyone talking.
I like the yellow hair... and the great googie orb.
Apparently she wore a full body suit under the "orbit dress." She definitely won the outfit of the night, that's for sure.
Best of luck, next year, GAGA!!!!!

Gaga Grammy Award Shoes




Lady Gaga + Grammys = WOW.

Giorgio Armani