Monday, April 20, 2009

Forbidden Love

He walks into the room
And my heart catches fire
He passes my desk
And I'm filled with desire
I want him near me
But I just don't know what to do.
Try to ignore it.
Try to sit still.
But I just can't focus
He's giving me chills
But I know that I'd die
If I ever found out that he knew...
The look of his body
The sound of his voice
He makes me surrender
I know that I haven't a choice
I'm crushing and blushing
Crawling and falling
For someone I can't even have
I know I've got it pretty bad
Fantasize, legitimize
Try to justify
These feelings I can't hide
Forbidden love I'm feeling deep inside.
My brain's like a magnet
Pulled to his shine
His lips part to speak
And I feel them on mine.
Ten feet away from me,
Still, we are worlds in between.
I see the picture of his daughter
Sitting with his wife.
How could this man be
The love of my life?
How could a man like him
Make me so weak in the knees?
I can't shake this passion
Can't make this dissolve
They say "ask your heart"
But I don't think my heart is involved...
So I'm crushing and blushing...
I just can't get my mind
Off of what he wore today
I go over again
All the words I'm gonna say
But then he comes toward me
There's a fire inside my soul.
My voice of reason dies
And my body takes control.
Face red
Brain dead
Dirty pictures fill my head
Tongue tied
Brain fried
Imagine laying by his side
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Yes, I'm crushing and blushing...

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