Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Friday

Yes, it's Friday. Time for a dream...

I already included two dreams for you this week, but this one I think is a little more blatant:

I dreamt that my ASL class had switched buildings. It was 7 AM, so there was hardly anyone there. It's was up on the fifth or sixth floor, and when I tried to get up there I got totally lost. I finally found a sort of "secret floor" between floors number five and six and found it, but by that time class had already started and the quiz had just finished. Professor Blackburn was collecting them from the students. I asked if I could take the quiz, but she said no. I was late, so I missed the test. I began to cry because I knew this test had a huge impact on my grade but she would simply not allow me to take the test. My feelings moved from fear to humiliation to sorrow to anger to everything in between. Everything but happiness.

So obviously I'm worried about my grades. And yes, it's ASL that's the make-or-break for me this semester. It's a 4-credit class, so it has a HUGE effect on my GPA. And it involves online quizzes that are only open for 24 hours. A few weeks ago, I missed one. That brought my grade down from 92 percent to 86 percent. Yikes.
I know what you're thinking: So what? It's a B+! But keep in mind it's halfway through the semester already and I gotta maintain an A- average to keep my full-ride scholarship. So yeah... I wanna bring this grade up. I asked if I could take the quiz, even though I missed it, and Professor Blackburn said no. She was very nice about it, though, and promised there would be extra credit opportunities. Sure enough, she just posted a ten-point movie op that will bring my grade back to an A-. There's just no more room for error, though. That's a little scary.

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