Monday, March 29, 2010

Cake and Frosting

Originally posted on Outward Expression.

A wise fashionista once told me not to shortchange the basics of an outfit for the accessories. "Girls these days spend their money on all this frosting, but never enough on cake," she would say. "Don't make that mistake!" While I haven't taken this advice as seriously as I probably should, this outfit is a fashion-confection success. In this case, I was going for simply a casual way to wear this flannel shirt my dad tried to get rid of. The colors were amazing, and it was rather warm. I ended up discovering kind of a cool-and-classy country look. Note the solid-color blue t-shirt I am wearing. Target. Under five dollars (Look in the sleepwear section for some unique bold colors). Solid-color t-shirts are my cake. They can go with any number of other colors and can be as loud or soft as you want. Again, the plaid is simply a thicker men's shirt that's tied at the bottom to add some shape. There's a subtle blue stripe in the plaid that matches the shirt, but you wouldn't notice that right away. What you don't see are the cordoroy black capri pants I'm wearing, but you really can wear this kind of thing with any pair of jeans or slacks.

As for frosting, I say less is more. A simple strand of some tacky plastic beads does the trick. I hope to get some in the same shade of blue someday, but the purple isn't that ostentatiously off-balance. Add a hat (or a corresponding headband) and tada!

Awkward facial expressioins aside, this is a decent look for me. I feel it could be a decent look for almost anyone. We all have some guy we can steal a flannel shirt from -- be it a husband, a boyfriend, brother or father. The one I have is a FiveBrothers creation. The beads are easy: WalMart.

Another idea: Try tying the shirt higher along the bust line.

Sarah Jessica kind of knows what I mean... I'm sure I'll show you some more of the pseudo-cowgirl look in later posts.

----- Hannah -----

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  1. Love it. You could also wear that shirt open or buttoned for a 90's grunge look. It's a look I used to loathe but have come to appreciate.