Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just bought it...

Originally posted on Outward Expression.

One thing you gotta know about me way up front is that I am obsessed with Lady Gaga. I have always wanted a Gaga T-shirt, so yesterday when I went to the Provo Mall with my roommates, I decided I would spend 21 dollars to get one.
Of all the Gaga T-shirts I saw at Hot Topic, this was the one I liked the most. I like black and white, and of course "Boys Boys Boys" is great!
I got a larger size shirt and used a studded belt to add a bit of an 80's look to the whole thing. Add some skinny jeans and some glam silver disco jewelry... voila! Instant amazing!!!

----- Hannah -----


  1. excuse the new moon stuff hanging on the wall. those are my roommate's additions to the dorm room.

  2. i was wondering about that...