Monday, March 29, 2010

Adam Lambert

I really don't care about all the public hubbub he has caused these past few months. This man's incredible. I'm talking LEGIT talent that you just can't find anywhere. He's the kind of guy who truly deserves to be where he is. He has definitely earned the fame, and to be quite honest, he probably should have won Idol. He's not that bad-looking, either. Very few can pull off a look like his and still be considered a heartthrob amongst the general public. Yet he's on magazine covers all over the place.
But now that he's been given such a great opportunity, I suppose it's up to him what he does with it. If he wants to shine as a queer-looking boy who wears skinny pants, he should go for it. If he should make obscene gestures on live television, that's his problem. Hopefully he will understand the consequences of his decisions to make wise ones.

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