Saturday, February 27, 2010


- to keep warm on a cold winter's night
- to place over two matresses to make a fort for roommates
- to swaddle a baby
- to throttle a fire
- comfort for a child .. or an adult
- to lay out to rest on in a grassy feild for a picnic
- to be cut up and given to children for a family memoir
- to create a scenic view from a clothesline in a country neighborhood
- used as a tablecloth
- a napkin
- a kleenex
- a shawl or hood for evening visits
- cut a hole in the middle and you got yourself a poncho
- a rug
- a work of art, hung on a wall
- a pillowcase
- to sheild car windows from the sun
- a ghost cosume
- makes sex more comfortable
- to keep blood off the bed when birthing babies
- to keep blood off the floor when murdering a person
- an apron
- a weapon -- wet and twisted, filled with rocks, pulled tight to gag a person
- a bookmark.. a big bookmark
- a good service project for church
- pretend to be a bird
- to cover a television when children are watching questionable content
- to hide when you are naked
- to hide when you are playing hide and seek
- to hide your face when you don't want to see something.
- to accent a sofa
- to give at a bridal shower
- cut up and used as a dish towel
- cut up and used as a rag to wash cars

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