Monday, February 1, 2010

Lady Gaga at the Grammys

First off, she should have won album of the year.

Taylor Swift is hardly an artist. I admit, she writes good songs. They're songs about love and relationships and finding yourself and all these other great things... but she still belongs NOT on album of the year, NOT on top country album, NOT at the grammys.
Gaga has done more in one year than any other artist in HISTORY. How could she not win?
Anyways, to her fashions...
All her outfits this year were from Armani. I was surprised, a little, at how conservative and actually GLAMOUROUS a few of these were. If you compare these to her VMA treats they're a lot more understandable... well, as understandable as you can get in Gaga-Land...
This one was definitely my favorite. It kind of brought me back to her early days with the cubism crystal dresses, but it kept the amazing shoes. I don't see how this is any more extreme than the outfit Rihanna wore that same night.
That is just some amazing art on top of her head...
The performance itself was phenomenal. She kicked off the night with a bit of stageplay and "Pokerface," the one song that was up for some kind of award or another that night (she did win best pop/dance album of the year... and I think something else... so she didn't go home completely empty handed). I love the pink and green.
But anyway, after getting thrown down a chute, she appears with this amazing looking piano with arms on it (I scratch my head at the symbolism). And who should be there but ELTON JOHN!!! In green sequin glasses!!
How amazing is it to have such a grand legend as him sing "Speechless?" Amazing amazing amazing. I could watch this video a hundred times.
And of course there's her red carpet dress, which got everyone talking.
I like the yellow hair... and the great googie orb.
Apparently she wore a full body suit under the "orbit dress." She definitely won the outfit of the night, that's for sure.
Best of luck, next year, GAGA!!!!!

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