Saturday, February 27, 2010


- To build a house with, as well as with mortar and water.
- To throw at a building to crash a window, then break in and steal stuff
- To trick your friends by filling their backpacks with them when they're not looking
- When painted, it can make a great paperweight
- with holes, you can make a flowerpot
- It's fun to hear the noise it makes when you throw it in the air and i hits the pavement
- To describe the brain of a person you dislike
- To buld a wall surrounding a fortress
- To hold down a flower press
- To hold down a broken CD player (I'd love to use one of those)
- To break a porcelain glass
- To make into a mural
- To set a boundary around one's property
- A weapon -- either placed in a bag or thrown as a projectile
- Inspiration for a color of deep red
- A souvenir when you go to Nauvoo

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