Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lonely House Walk

I spent three hours today walking around in freezing rain trying to find a place to live next year. It was the lonliest three hours of my life. My beautiful straight hair got all wet, curly, and frizzy. My hat was soaked, my boots were soaked. I was soaked. I got to Moon apartments. Someone was actually there to show me around and I actually got to see the inside of a complex. The woman who lived there was the nicest person ever. She even drove me to some other apartments. I think I get along better with strangers than with friends.

Then I spent another twenty minutes walking back up to my dorm in (still more) freezing rain. My toes still hurt. And I still feel lonely.

I decided it would be really fun to live completely by myself for a semester, kind of like Thoreau, except of course I'd be going to college and still talking to people. I could even call it Walden and it could be my creative haven. Moreso, I think, than any shared apartment would be. But of course Dad says it'd be good for me if I had the social experience. Of course it might suck, but sucking builds character. Just think... I'm building character. Right. Now.

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