Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blanket and Brick

My crack at the IQ Divergence test...
But first, a little explanation.
I'm currently reading the book Outliers, which talks about success and how people become rich, famous, or blessed in one way or another. A whole two chapters are devoted to the "genius." I learned in this book that there are different kinds of geniuses, and some facets are easier to measure than others. There's your basic IQ test, which asks CONVERGENT questions. You've seen these before. Logic problems, math sequences, spelling puzzles, those one-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-other questions. You are trying to come up with the one right answer.
Well, I'm talking about a DIVERGENT test. This one you may not have seen. Instead of finding one answer, you're trying to think of as many possible answers as you can. It's brain bending on a whole new level. You see, not everyone who is a genius has intellect. Street smart is, in fact, a legitimate intelligence. It's the intelligence you have when you really know how to communicate with people, when you can see things in ways that don't exist right away. These are the people who end up getting ahead because they know how to manipulate their circumstances, make things fit to their needs and desires. I don't think I have this intelligence, but there's a way to find out.
There are 2 words on this test:
1.) Blanket
2.) Brick

The goal of this test is to think of as MANY functions for these two items as possible. There are no limits at all. Just keep going until you can think of no more.

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