Saturday, May 29, 2010


Work is annoying. I like some of it but I absolutely HATE other parts of it and I really think the HATE is overpowering the like.
First off, I STILL don't feel comfortable asking questions or getting help even when I really need it because the CSMs are always too busy for you and you always feel like you're intruding. Today I got a call from Cub about an hour before I thought my shift started. Turned out they thought I needed to be there a half an hour earlier. That WAS NOT MY FAULT. I was told to come at 4:30. Not 3. So even though I had NOTHING TO WORRY about, I still felt like they were mad at me. Like I was irresponsible or something. I am NOT irresponsible. Not in the least. Yesterday the CSMs were so nice and they answered my questions and helped me out and went above and beyond and told me I was okay and I needed to take deep breaths. TODAY the CSMs hardly even helped me. Instead they lectured me in this matter-of-fact tone that made me feel so dumb in front of the customers.
Speaking of customers: I love them. They make the work fun. If it weren't for them, I'd be in a living hell at work. I feel like I'm putting on a show for every new shopper that comes by and that makes me feel good. They all seem to like me.
There's this guy: Tony is his name. I've seen him working at Cub for a loooooong time and today he was working at the register next to mine. He would watch me do my work all the time and laugh at me. When I give him a quizzical look about it, he says "You really like this job, doncha?" and I say sort of, why?
"Well you're just so... soo... and then he sort of waves his arms and jumps up and down. Do I really look that hyper when I work? Tony annoys me because he's such a know-it-all and he thinks he knows me SOOO well because he's seen me around at school so much. But at the same time I'm thankful he's there because he at least knows what he's doing and I feel comfortable enough around him to ask him what to do when I don't know a thing. He LOOOVES answering questions. I loves knowing answers. He loves showing people he knows answers.
Part of me wonders if he's flirting with me... but I ask that about pretty much every interaction I have with a male. Part of me again wonders if I'm flirting with him. Probably. Does it mean anything? No.

Let's see... anything more to say about how ridiculous work is?
Pech! Glad I have one (1) day off before my 4-day-long streak.

My goal for my next work period: Figure out how to call for shopback for perishable items. Also, don't forget to give receipts. I always forgot this time around.

Things that went on today: Work work work. Lot's of it. Til 11:30.
Listening to : 3 AM acoustic version by Matchbox Twenty sung by the music angel Rob Thomas.

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