Sunday, May 16, 2010

While we're on the subject of Glee...

I do like this show, by the way.

Of course I liked it better when I lived in BYU and had a bunch of girly roommates to obsess over it with me, but I still watch the show religiously every week. The characters are hilarious, the music is rocking, and there is definitely a lesson or two to be learned from these episodes...


I am disappointed in the newer episodes. They are not intriguing enough. The first set of episodes before their winer hiatus were VERY captivating because there were plenty of suspensful secrets, dramatic moments, and jaw-dropping emotional moments. Quinn's baby-daddy secret, for example, and Schuster and his wife. Things like that ended too quickly and now there isn't enough intrigue to keep me interested. There is some potential... Kurt's crush on Finn, Quinn's pregnancy, and Jesse's possible double-crossing business. But there is no tension being built! There's not enough drama, not enough suspense. Heavens. I want more. So that's my bit about glee.

My favorite Glee Characters:
Of course, Sue Sylvester. Kurt. Puck, and Emma. Mercedes seems like the sanest one, and that one dumb blonde cheerleader is just hilarious. And Artie is just cute. Everyone else just annoys me, particularly Rachel because she's just so gosh-darn obnoxious. And Finn is just stupid. And every time Quinn is on the screen I want to shoot the TV. Jesse's hot, but that's about it. As for Schuster, he does things that I just want to ask "WHY?" about. In general, the people in this show are almost too over-the-top, which can add to the humor but also irritate me to near violence. That's it.

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