Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sick sick sick

I am sick and I don't get sick that often. Bleagh.

I also saw the High School Showcase last weekend and it was quite the blast. It reminded me of all the great times I had while I was still in high school, and it also made me realize all of the AMAZING talent that we have within our school systems that often go unnoticed. Now that I'm out of high school, my opportunities to simply make music are so gosh-darn limited. You don't get to go on a stage or sing into a microphone in front of people as much. What a shame! I wonder how many people are out there who are dying to raise their voice, but they can't because they aren't given the opportunity!
I hope to fix that problem somehow or another once I'm a music teacher (assuming I actually can become one). Maybe I can start now... once I figure out when I work at this new freaking job.

Let's see... what else? Oh, my beloved calculus teacher was also at showcase the night I went. He was wearing a minnesota gophers shirt and he had his older daughter with him. She's in kindergarten. I am in love with him. Seriously. It was very hard to keep myself from kissing him over and over again when he called out my name. He recognized me! Things were very awkward, though, cuz my mom was there and we sort of ran out of things to talk about. Oh well, at least I saw him again. And at least he remembered me. Oh, I am so in love. :D

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