Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lady Gaga American Idol 2010


1. Because I am already such a GAGA fan, I was a little too aware of the 'forest red-riding hood' scene she had going tonight on American Idol, which made for a slightly boring performance (for me). I'm sure others may have enjoyed a concept that was new to them, but for me, it was a passe show.
2. Her "Bad Romance" at the beginning was SO COOL. It was almost country! You know what I'm saying? Sort of a bounce to it that I have not yet heard before. Her vocalization during that number was also very impressive.
3. The outfit. I can't believe people can get away with wearing nothing but fishnet on public TV these days, but of course the one person who is actually willing to at least TRY to get away with it has to be Gaga. You gotta admit, she has courage. As for the strange black tulle hood garment thing... as my mom put it, "It got in the way." I liked it when she was seated on the piano, tho. Added a nice "riding hood" touch.
4. The dancers... what were they wearing????
5. The song is not as fun to listen to live as her other singles have been. "BAD ROMANCE" is just epic. Telephone has a definite bounce to it. But ALEJANDRO? It's more of an easy listening number, not a show-stopper.

So there's my bit about Lady Gaga (or as my mother calls her, lady GAG-a) on American Idol tonight, May 5, 2010. I liked her last appearance so much better. Pokerface gone rock-and-roll was just incredible. Now I think she's beginning to try too hard. Once again, quoting my mother, "She's trying to out-do herself all the time nowadays." And it's even worse now because you got people like Ke$ha and Christina Augiulera (however you spell her name) competing against her for the DIVA of the year.

Speaking of DIVAS, did you know Beyonce has a perfume line out now? It's called HEAT and I really wanna know what it smells like. :D TO MACYS!!!

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