Saturday, May 22, 2010

On making people's brains hurt...

A dear friend with whom I can only share written correspondence with said these two things about me:

1. I have trouble reserving my feelings.
2. I take what he says too seriously.

My response:

You are absolutely right. I wear my heart on my sleve... or I suppose it would be better to say I wear it EVERYWHERE, not just on my sleeve. I'm REALLY bad at that keeping-quiet thing. I am absolutely terrible at keeping secrets about myself. Granted, they're not BAD secrets. Just things people feel uncomfortable talking about on a first date... haha. I cry a lot, I laugh WAY too much at the tiniest things, and I take everything way too gosh-darn SERIOUSLY. SERIOUSLY! I even take humor seriously! (For a whle I made it a point to intentionally tell exactly four jokes each day. What is wrong with me?) So yeah... I'm not what you call a "feelings reserver." But I'm working on it. And I need all the advice I can get. :)
I do value your opinion. Greatly. Mainly because it usually comes from this completely different lens of thinking that I have never yet experienced elsewhere. Yous eem to be comfortable with contradiction, which is simply fascinating to me. Youa re incredibly honest with yourself and with other people. Whether or not that's the "right" way of looking at things, I still think it's valuable to at least consider it and view the world that way for at least a moment.
Is this the way I think? I'm not sure, but I often compare my way of thinking to your way of thinking and that involves a lot of self-scrutiny and thought -- and you know, my favorite thing to do is think, so I'm perfectly okay with that.
I know some people who have almost the exact opposite mindset as you and they seem like pretty happy people. My old roommate, for example, looks at things very quickly and doesn't dwell on anything. If I say something "deep," she always says I make her brain hurt. lol. But she seems very content with her life and sometimes I get jealous. It's hard to take something that has been made complex and make it simple again like it was before. What usually ends up happening is I have to work through all the complexity and find the simplicity in it much later -- but never again does simplicity stand on its own. I dunno... I just always find myself thinking, "How in heaven's name can you see things that way?! It's just not that simple!"
But maybe it actually is...

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