Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh the Cleverness of Me!

Had a job interview today for Cub Foods. Hoping hoping hoping I get it.

Also saw an old friend today who's kind of gone downhill. Almost all of my closest friends have taken a beaten path in one way or another these last few months. It makes me realize just how bad the world is getting and how far even the sanest and most well-intentioned people can go. I vow now never to be one of those people.

I've also been having this obsession with the Peter Pan story lately. I have definitely "grown up." But sometimes I wish I hadn't. When you're a child, things like drugs and alcohol and idiotic promiscuity do not exist. Everything is pure, everything is good, and everything has purpose.
"Oh the cleverness of me!" In other words, I have purpose. I am unique, I am clever. I can do what I choose, I have power to influence things around me. Yeah, I know, it's just a conceited kid talking, but man, so much insight!

I hope not to cross too far over into content that should be put into "A Number of Things" but I'm also reading Bleak House right now, by Charles Dickens. I pledge to read more books this summer.

I am also much less heavy than I was last summer, though I don't quite know why. Last summer, I biked every day and I could barely keep ahold of 135. Today I looked, and without doing anything, I was 133. Is it what I've been eating... or not eating? Has my metabolism just now shot up? I don't know. Whatevs.

Listening to: Here in Your Arms -- HelloGoodbye
Things that Went on Today: Cub interview, met up with Polly, American Idol with Lady Gaga

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