Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Dream: Surreal and Spooky

I had a dream a few nights ago that was quite shocking for me. It was deadpan. No melodrama, no color, no nothing. Very dry and blunt.
All I remember is chasing after someone who was going to commit suicide. I don't remember who the person was, but I remember the love and worry and pain I felt over that person. He(or she) had gone insane, was looking for a gun. I wanted to stop him(her).
So I'm running. Past the duck pond and then into this huge desert. Like in a western film. There I stand, as the person I love goes to a shed, finds a gun, and points it at me. Suddenly my mom is behind me and he shoots her hard in the chest. She's not dead, but she's on the ground, screaming. "JUST DO IT!" she said, wanting to escape the pain in the only way she could think of. So he(she) did. Shot her in the back, and she was dead.
Then he(she) shot himself, and I watched.
It was a very scary dream. No background noise, just gun shots and screaming. No filter at all. I woke up very afraid.

But I knew it was all just a dream so I am fine now.

Listening to: Lady Gaga interviews
Things going on today: Ugh. Work.

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