Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Originally posted on Outward Expression.

I love hats. Hats are my favorite accessory, by far. My mom says you shouldn't wear a hat that has more character than you, but I think I have a lot of character and therefore I can wear whatever the hell I want.

This hat I just got from Everyday People yesterday with Hannah. I also got a beautiful rainbow tie dye dress that will be wonderful at Pride, anyway, this is a gray beret that laces up the side. I loved it the moment I put it on. It made me feel sophisticated. I don't know if I'm wearing it right, but as Sylvia Plath once said, "If you do something with enough arrogance, no one will question you".

This next hat is one I wore today to the beach with my bright green sunglasses. I have several different flowers that I can pin to it, and today I wore the orange one. This hat was new from Ragstock, but I still love it to pieces.

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