Friday, May 7, 2010


Status: Single Student. EMPLOYED.

Yes, I got the job. Very very happy right now.

That's really all.

Oh, it's Friday! Here comes a dream i had just last night:

It's about my gorgeous calculus teacher. I dreamt I went back and visited elementary school (which I did actually do yesterday) and there he was! I pretended not to notice him as I passed him outside a couple of times, but finally, as I was crossing the street, I said, "Oh, Mr. C! So nice to see you again!"
He was wearing (of all things...) roller skates, a green shirt, with a purple blazer. "Hannah! How's college?"
"Great! Swept a 4.0 both semesters! Things are good!"

Then the Stratmans showed up and humiliated me. I don't know how this happened, but Sister Stratman wanted Mr. C to take a book of mormon. So she shoved it in his face and I was really embarrassed for him. I tried to hide, so I went into my room (I somehow magically got there...)
Suddenly Mr. C. with his cute little nerdy glasses was in my room. I apologized for how up-front sister stratman was about the book of mormon thing and he said, "Oh, that's fine. Really. I just wanted to get this back to you."
He handed me an orange notebook I once wrote in back in Jr. High. "Gee, thanks!" I said. "Umm... why do you have this?"
"Stratmans gave it to me."
Suddenly I got worried. I remembered writing personal stuff in there. How much had he read? There couldn't be anything... too private... in there, could there?
"Oh," I responded. "Um, well, how much did you.. did you read?"
Mr. C smiled, turned and began walking away, "Oh, I read as much as I needed."
"About the church?"
"Nah," he walked through the doorway into the hallway, "About your crush on me."
I looked down at the first page of the diary and to my horror, I read the words, "I'm almost embarrassed to tell you this, but I love Mr. C!"


Feelings about it:
Well, first off I still really like this teacher, even though I haven't seen him in a year. I want to go visit all my high school teachers but it takes extra time and I fear going in there and saying, "Hey! I'm visiting even though I was a crazy student who obviously liked you last year. You may be very busy, and you may now have forgotten me, but I'm here to say hi anyway."


Don't know why the Stratmans are so antagonistic in my dream. Maybe it's just the fact that they're facing some troubled times right now and I am not quite in agreement with some of their actions.

As for elementary school, I went back and visited it yesterday and oh my, things have changed, yet so many things have stayed the same! The Cafeteria, the Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Green Centers, the Library. So many memories (not so good ones, to be sure) flooded back to me as I walked those halls. I even ran into a couple of my old teachers. Some recognized me, others didn't.

I felt like such an adult in there. My mom was there to teach a music appreciation class, and after her lecture, she introduced me and I told them I was in college. I realized as I talked to them that I was a "grown-up" to those kids. There are only two ages for a kid: "Grown up" and "kid." I definitely wasn't "Kid." I had breasts, a grown-up voice, and a grown-up dimeanor. There really was no age difference between me, my mom, or their teacher. We were all "grown up." Brings me back to the whole Peter Pan concept I was thinking about yesterday. I can't go back to childhood. I'm in my own Neverland, in a way. A land where you can Never be a kid again. Hm.

So yeah. Dream. I love Mr. C.

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