Monday, May 3, 2010

A Terrible Mother.

I hate kids.
There. I said it.

There's no specific reason why; no specific reason why I bring it up, either, but I just don't do children. They're cute for about five minutes. The rest of the time, they are like monsters. One thing I can't stand is incessant crying, and that's something kids are REALLY good at. When I'm at a restaurant or a store and there's a mother there with a kid that just won't shut up, I want to go slit my wrists. I'm not joking. And it doesn't ever stop!!!
Plus, kids are just gross. They have no control over their bodies. They poop, they pick their noses, they roll around in dirt. It's disgusting. They also break things, take things without asking, and ask ridiculous questions. Not cute. Horrifying.
So yeah, I've decided I'm going to be a terrible mother. I know, I know, they always say "Once they're your kids, you will adore them no matter what they do." I'll have to see that to believe it. I don't know how I can suddenly think all of this would be okay once I have my own kid. My low capacity for crying, uncleanliness, and complete idiocy can only get so much higher.

Despite these huge setbacks, I still plan on having at least one child. Actually, I'd like to have more than one, because history shows that only children become spoiled brats. But there's no way one earth that I'd have dozens of children crawling around my house at once. I'll have two for starters. Then, if I feel I can handle more, I'll have more.

I'll be frank. It is unwise to have kids for the sake of having kids. Sure, we have octomoms out there, but even on a more realistic level, I see women all the time who keep popping out babies, while in the meantime, they neglect the ones they've already had. It can be on an emotional level. It's hard for a growing teenage girl to cope with big families if the mom is always too busy witht he babies to spend time helping her older daughters grow. Lots of kids from big families end up turning elsewhere for support and love. These alterior solutions can be hazardous: Alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. Big families, if not reared up correctly, can deeply impact society in a negative way. And financially speaking, a lot can go wrong with seven children. First off, these are hard financial times. Things can go wrong at any moment. A big family creates a very unstable environment. Children are expensive. Can you take care of them well in a meager financial situation? I suppose that's a personal decision that varies based on circumstance, but I couldn't. What if I had to work? How can I expect to be a good mother to my children if I can't even see them at home. It's better -- especially for young children -- for a mother to be close to home. I am a firm believer of that.

In closing, when deciding how many children you should have, PLEASE think of the consequences. Can you handle a big family? Are your financial situations in order? Will you be able to care for each child individually? HOW ABLE ARE YOU TO BE A GOOD PARENT TO A LOT OF CHILDREN? Seriously consider this question. It is a matter of life and death. All things begin in the home. It can be the best learning environment and center of love, but it can also be a prison and a center of abandonment if you don't make correct decisions as a parent. Watch out. Don't be foolish.

As for me, I think three kids will suffice for me. Three or four. It worked very very well for my family. I was given adequate attention from both of my parents; I still am. My mother felt comfortable staying at home, which gave wonderful blessings to me and my siblings. I'd like my children to be close enough in age so that they may be able to learn from each other while they are living together. In particular, I want my girls to have as good of a relationship with each other as it was with me and my sister. (How can such strong relationships be cultivated with so many children to compete against, I beg to question?) Plus we don't have that issue with kids bouncing everywhere, pooping on everything and crying their brains out. :D

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