Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some things I've learned about night clubs:

1. being mormon automatically makes you stick out in a crowd. I was the only girl wearing a t-shirt and jeans in the whole place. All the other girls wore itty bitty shorts and skimpy tops. My friend Ingrid wasn't bad, at all, though. She just wore a cute little dress... but even SHE stuck out. At clubs, there is obviously an unwritten dress code. Guys wear collared shirts, girls wear sleeveless tops. Guys wear jeans... girls wear almost nothing.
I rocked a hat that everyone said looked like a cowboy hat even though it was a stinking fedora. Made me mad. I also wore some sunglasses from time to time because for some reason I gain confidence knowing that people can't see my eyes that well. But of course it was already dark in that room so wearing glasses just made things go darker. So I eventually took them off.
2. I can't dance. Not even in the least. Nothing at all like those girls who stood up on a platform in the middle of the room did. They were hardly wearing anything at all, mostly. Fishnets, bras, and underwear. I marvel at how comfortable they are with their own bodies. Even if I didn't have the limits I had, I would NEVER feel brave enough to dance like that in so little clothing. How awkward that must feel.
3. I want smoke and lazers. Bad.
4. Boys at clubs are weird. They stand there and stare but they hardly talk or make moves or anything. Girls, on the other hand, are usually all over the place. I saw more drunk women than drunk men... or maybe I saw plenty of drunk men but drunk men aren't so obvious about it. I don't know... it just seems like women feel they have to do more to get attention these days in this society... they have to dress up more, wear more makeup and do their hair, act like idiots, wear ridiculous shoes, dance all weird. Guys just have to stand there and they look cute without even trying. It's not fair.
5. My favorite part about clubs: The music. I love a pounding bass and a bunch of people dancing to a uniting beat. It's wonderful! So yeah.. highlight of the evening was the music.
That's about all.

Yeah... it's technically Friday, isn't it?
So I dreamt that Jacob invited me to his mission farewell but when I got there it was just my grandma's blue shower. That was where he gave me this checklist of things to do before he returned from his mission. One was to lose 20 pounds (I sort of freaked out at him when I read that) and another was to read D&C 44:15. After I woke up, I looked up D&C 44:15.. Doesn't exist. But there IS a 1-5. I read it, and it was alll about missionary work! REally... like to a tee. It was creepy.
So yeah. I can't wait to tell Jacob about this one if he ever finds some time to write me back.

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