Friday, June 25, 2010

Dr. Brennan dreams this week.

Okay weirdest, most passionate dream I've had in a while last night.
I dreamt I was over at the Deavens and they had an even younger brother who was fifteen years old, a sketch artist, and SO HOT. I dreamt somewhere along the line I got knocked out and when I woke up, he was hovering over my head saying "Baby, you okay?" Turns out I had had sex with the man and fainted in the process. So for the rest of the dream I was following him around, wanting to have sex with him again. I didn't even for a minute think about how it was totally illegal for me -- a nineteen year old woman -- to have sexual relations with a fifteen-year-old. But then he told me "I'm running away to Chicago and we'll never see each other again." And that killed me. It killed his family, too. All this time they were pining at the decisions made by this little brother -- I think his name was Troy. So I tried asking Troy if he loved his family one day when he needed to close a window down in his basement bedroom. He was in a hurry, because another young teenage friend was just outside waiting for him. He answered "Yes, and no." I also asked Troy why I had fainted and gotten amnesia, and he insisted that it was his amazing sex that did it. He was almost proud of it. And then I decided to pretend to faint again just to see whether or not he would respond. I heard him go over it in his head. "Okay... last time, what did I do? I got my sister, laid over her head and called her baby. Yes, that did it." So he did that. That's when I pretended to come to and said in a slurred voice, "I'm not your baby." And he kept saying yes you are! That's when I left him. Got in the car with my sister, and tried to drive for home. Except county road 13 was all blocked off. Apparently there was some new security logistics I had to pass through. My cousin riley was there. We had to take off our shoes and walk this maze made out of cardboard. It was small and relatively easy but the pathways were so thin and flimsy I just knew one of us was going to fall right through. So I tried cheating. I tried hopping from path to path until the end. That almost got me disqualified so then I went back and tried sliding on my butt all the way across. I was the last person to finish, and I was complaining the whole time. "What about people with bad vision perception?" I asked. "They wouldn't be driving 13 to begin with!" Someone said. "Okay, what about the people who don't work well under pressure? Or the morbidly obese! Pretty sure this thing is about to give way under me and I'm only 135 pounds!" I felt like a black woman with 'tude. They kept saying we had to do this. When I was finally done, I went over to a security woman and asked, "Why is there so much ridiculous security on this road?" And she answered, "See that skull tattoo on my hand? That's the mark of Seely Booth. He instigated this process. Then I said, "Well, I'm Temperance Brennan." "How do you do, Dr?" The woman responded, suddenly very respectful. "I'm fine, but I'm going to have a word with Booth about this. This is ridiculous." I responded. Then I left, and by that time I was waking up.

I had another dream where I was Temperance Brennan. I was running away from my father, who was a high-and-mighty politician. I ran all the way to the junior high school and my best friend was there (I don't think she exists in real life). She led me to a car which was actually a trap laid by my father. So I ran away and found my boyfriend, who looked like Elder Walley, and we flew off together... literally flew. We flew over the trees and the buildings and suddenly we were in Canada and it was dark and snowy. We stopped in a little wooden attic and there we had oral sex. I looked in a mirror and saw Dr. Brennan.

I keep seeing myself as Dr. Brennan in my dreams. Do I see her as myself? Obviously I'm also horny because all my dreams are about sex. Who can decide what they dream though? I guess I can decide not to talk about it... but I didn't.

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