Friday, July 2, 2010


Okay this movie was a lot like the last one. The fact that there were a dozen newborn vampires killing dozens of people in Seattle didn't matter. The fact that Bella wants to turn into an immortal bloodsucker didn't matter. The entire plot DID NOT MATTER. All that mattered was that Taylor Lautner was shirtless for about half of the movie. And for the other half, Robert Pattinson was pouring on the charm with Bella. Never before has Celibacy before Marriage looked so HOTTTTTTT.

Jasper and Riley both had their share of good lookingness too, I must add.

I think Kristin Stewart did a much better job in this movie at being a human being and actually talking and expressing herself. That last little monologue that she did again made me more assured than ever that she knows what she's doing. For a while there it seemed like she had almost no mind of her own, that all the guys were making decisions for her. But in this movie, she has a soul. She chooses Edward. She has the power to do so!

The series gets better and better. Now we've got Taylor Lautner kissy action as well as some new characters... and new insights on old ones... that are worth appreciating. Jasper, for one beautiful example.
I already sort of gave you my spiel about Jacob/Edward in a previous post, but I will say again that they compliment each other. Therefore I am neither Team Edward nor Team Jacob... just a mix of both.
However, I am sad to say that my male standard has just shot up one hundredfold. I can't even consider dating a guy who doesn't have a Godbod like Jacob or the perfect caring loving do-anything-for-you personality of Edward. Unfortunately, these two attributes cannot be found in real life. These are characters, not real people. So when I look at a REAL guy who may be decent-looking and definitely have a heart of gold, I am blinded by the great illusions that are Stephanie Meyer's characters and I simply cannot accept anything less. This is so frustrating! Why can't men just BE that beautiful? I simply don't know.

I cannot help but feel very sorry for Jacob during this whole movie. He tries so hard and wants Bella so much, yet there is simply nothing she can do. Her heart belongs to Edward. Jacob can't change that. Which makes me want to scream, "I'm here, Jacob! Take me instead!" But of course that can't happen.
*sigh* I have such a love-hate relationship with this series.

Nope. Can't do it.

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