Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Katy Perry Stuff

Okay, I really like Katy Perry. She's like the Princess of Pop right now (under Queen GAGA of course) and the one word that I like to use when I describe her is this: COLORFUL.
Everything she does is bright, happy, and honestly loud. It's wonderful. So here I include two youtube videos dedicated to her new CD coming out this fall: Teenage Dream

A link to the music video for her latest single, "California Gurls"
(embedding was disabled but I thought you'd want the best quality video EVER...)

Some parody Videos on "California Gurls"

1. "Minnesota Girls" -- Of course I'm from Minnesota so this has a meaning very near and dear to my heart.

2. Glozell's Translation for the Video, which is particularly hilarious.

Finally, I'm gonna put on a link so you can listen to her next single, "Teenage Dream" which I really like.

"You think I'm funny when I get the punchline wrong." :D
Here's her CD cover for her new CD, also called "Teenage Dream." A little provocative for a CD cover... but I suppose it could be worse.

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