Saturday, July 31, 2010

This Summer I...

I haven't been updating here as much these day because of how busy I am and because of how easily portable a book-diary is compared to a big honkin' computer with wi-fi. Sorry.

But I suppose I could mention that this summer:

I was called beautiful by someone.
I made new friends.
I lost a few friends.
I regained some friendships that I had once lost.
I got a job and worked.
I got a speeding ticket and had to pay a fine.
I got a lot of new free clothes.
I fell in love and out of love and back in love again with the same person.
I read a lot about Art and I visited some great museums.
I learned how to salsa dance and ballroom dance.
I taught piano and I helped teach a show choir.
I taught a music appreciation class.
I saw two community musicals and a variety show.
I learned a new song on piano and wrote a few new ones as well.
I got over a few spiritual roadblocks.
I went for a week without media technology.
I went to a gym for the first time.
I tried new foods and learned how to cook some new dishes.
I had friends over for Avatar parties, west side story parties, and Muppet Treasture island.
I visited a lot of graduation parties.
I saw my sister go to prom.
I spent a lot of time with my family.
I saw my dad get sustained as a Bishop of our family ward.
I learned the gravity and importance of money.
I maintained letter relationships with at least five missionaries.
I read all of my diaries.
I watched every episode of Bones.
I saw The Last Airbender, the A-Team, Eclipse, Inception, and Toy Story 3.
I celebrated Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Independence Day, and Pioneer Day.
I learned how to can food.
I did a lot of service.
I learned a lot more about Lady Gaga... also set a date to see her in concert.
I learned the power that comes in being single.
I gave two talks in church.
I found my retainer and worked on wearing it again.
I got sunburned.
I went to a club.
I learned how to use a meat slicer.
I renewed my Driver's License.
I said goodbye to a missionary from Tonga.
I was a family chauffer.
I listened to the top 500 songs of all time according to Rolling Stone.
I bought bras and thongs.
I slept at a hotel.
I had the cops show up at my house.
I got plastic go-go boots.
I had a cold.
I stayed up until 2 talking to a friend by a fire in the rain.
I watched Glee with a pregnant lady.
I saw my childhood playground get trekked off forever.
I grew.

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