Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Few Items of Musical Business:

Okay so I like following bands/artists/performers that I really like, but many of them have either been on loooong hiatuses (hiati?) these past few months that they are fading from my life. I cannot let that happen.
Fortunately, some of them are returning to the limelight with new CDs/appearances/news so here goes.

1. The new Evanescence CD is supposed to be coming out this fall. This is big. Very big. Amy Lee and Terry Balsamo are teaming up with producer Steve Lillywhite to make a more electro-pop rock sound, which is now my latest craze. So that's really exciting. Every Evanescence CD (thus far, only three of them) has been different. This is a quality I like. Amy Lee -- depending on those she is working with -- always cranks out something new and it's always very beautiful. SOOO Excited. Come, Fall '10! Come!!!

2. Speaking of Evanescence... We Are The Fallen. I don't care about those diehard Ev fans who mock Ben Moody's new band, I really like their stuff. I like female-fronted, classical-goth-rock bands, and it all began with Ben Moody's Evanescence. So We Are the Fallen is like bringing back that sound that made me love the genre in the first place. And Carly Smithson is good. She's not Amy Lee, but let's face it. No one can be Amy Lee. That's probably why she's had so much trouble holding a band together. So as far as the female goth genre is concerned, this new Evanescence that Moody has created is pretty decent. I want to invest in the CD.

3. (Still in my goth rock vein) Within Temptation. New CD should be out early 2011. That feels far away, but really it's only a few months. (I can't believe 2010 is half over...) And I think WT is seriously improving with everything they make.
I believe Sharon Den Adel had a child these past few months, which is why they stopped touring. Makes sense.

4. Speaking of Babies, Anette Olzon from Nightwish also had a baby... very very recently. So we might not be hearing any new Nightwish for a while. Hopefully the band will survive. A new singer... who just had a baby. Doesn't bode well for a band.

5. I'm loving Adam Lambert more and more. I think I want his CD as well.

6. I feel like I really should be liking Paramore but the more I hear from them, the more bored I get. So I can't help but make a stupid pun -- Paramore's a paraBORE. "The Only Exception" is all over the Radio right now and I really am honestly at a loss for why they would pick THAT song for a single. It's slow slow slow and repetitive repetitive repetitive, requiring very little vocal skill and lacking meaningful lyrics. Old Paramore? Pretty good from a pop perspective -- not a rock perspective.

7. Lady Gaga's new CD comes out spring 2011. She will be announcing the name of the album on January first, 2011 at midnight by releasing a picture of her new tattoo with the album name.

8. Katy Perry's CD... as I think I mentioned last post... is greatly anticipated.

9. Bruno Mars has a single out that's really cute. Something about "when I see your face, there's nothing I would change." I wish a guy would say that to me... as would a hundred other girls, which is why it's played all the time on the radio. Dangit.

10. Eminem. I got into him a bit back in jr. high just to be cool, but now I'm reconnecting with Shady and his new songs are quite deep. I just don't think I can wholly appreciate him what with the standards I try my hardest to keep regarding language and sexual content. So I am content with just his semi-clean radio singles and whatever lyrics I can stomach. I do respect him, however, for his great usage of language. Rap is a hard art to master, and Marshall Mathers is a genius at it. "Love the Way You Lie" with Rihanna is one such masterpiece. It's overplayed. I really hope the shock doesn't wear off because of that.

11. I'm also liking Taio Cruz's "Dynamite." It is -- at the moment -- my favorite party song.

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