Saturday, March 5, 2011


I feel bad about this, but there are days when I look at pictures of girls I know and I think "yuck."  There's this look, you see, that I've always wanted but probably will never be able to achieve.  It's that sunkissed shiny blonde/brown hair, pearly white teeth behind pink lips with evenly tanned skin and eyes highlighted with just the right amount of makeup.  I don't see as much of it out here in Provo, but I remember all the pretty girls in high school looked that way, and it really bugged me.  I see pictures of them on facebook and all I can think of is how fake they look.  Their smiles seem to big, their cheeks too shiny, their hair too plastic.  But maybe that's just because I'm jealous.  All I have is a pale face, bushy hair, and yellow teeth.  They make it look so easy.
Whatever.  Just makes me sick.

Listening to:  Paparazzi
Things Going on Today:  Singing in a choir, studying for a quiz, and reading for a class
Blessings:  A morning.

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  1. Whenever I catch myself thinking like that I go get a unique hair cut and dress myself up. Makes me feel better about myself everytime.