Thursday, March 10, 2011

30-Day Song Challenge: Day 1 -- My Favorite Song

"Tutto 'l di Piango"
Composed by Vijay Singh
Performed in this clip by the Minnesota All-State Women's Choir

I performed with this Choir in the year 2008.  It's a very important song for me.  The composer, Vijay Singh, changed my life by inspiring me to be a high school music teacher.  This song sets the following text by Petrarch:

Tutto 'l dì piango, e poi la notte, quando
Prendon riposo i miseri mortali,
Trovomi in pianto, e raddoppiarsi i mali;
Così spendo 'l mio tempo lagrimando.

In tristo umor vo li occhi consumando,
E 'l cor in doglia; e son fra li animali
L'ultimo, sì che li amorosi strali
Mi tengon ad ogni or di pace in bando.

Lasso, che pur da l'un a l'altro sole
E da l'un' ombra a l'altra, ò già 'l più corso
Di questa morte che si chiama vita.

Più l'altrui fallo che 'l mi' mal mi dole,
Ché Pietà viva, e 'l mio fido soccorso
Vèdem' arder nel foco, e non m'aita.

English Translation:
All day I weep;and then at night, when miserable mortals rest, I find myself in tears, and my misfortunes double; thus, I pass my time in weeping.  In a sad humour I wear out my eyes and heart in grief; I am the lowest of all animals, for the loving arrows keep me at every hour bereft of peace.  I am weary, since from one sun to the next, and from one shadow to the next I have already spent most of this death that is called life.It is more for the fault of another than for my misfortune that I grieve; because living pity, and my faithful aid, see me on fire and do not help me.

While my emotional connection to this song has ebbed and flowed, I still feel a deep connection with the music, particularly the second half.  There is a sense of weariness to the lasso's and a fiery, agonizing energy as the fire eventually consumes the entire body of sound.  
I only listen to this song on special occasions.  I set aside one time a year to listen to it in a dark space, but if I am feeling particularly alone or depressed, I listen to it then, too.  I imagine a dark room, slivers of light, and a lot of crying.  This is one of few songs that delivers the same level of thrill and emotion even after listening to it so many times.  I want to keep the sensations as strong as possible, so I limit myself in regards to how many times I listen to it.  

Listening to:  You guessed it...  "Wait on De Lord" by this same choir.  
Things Going on today:  walk with Mark.
Blessings:  Vijay Singh.

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