Friday, March 11, 2011

30-Day Song Challenge: Day 2 -- My Least Favorite Song

It was very hard for me to pick a "least favorite song."  Matter of fact, I don't mind this song THAT much.  It's just the first song that popped into my head that I don't really enjoy listening to.  If I hear it on the radio, I change the station.  There are few other songs that I do that with.  Why "One Thing"?  Well, to put it simply, it's an incredibly boring song.  They say the same things over and over, very little happens in the instrumentation, and his voice is kind of annoying.  Sure, the message ain't bad, and I can appreciate the emotional investment that was made in writing this song.  Every song should be appreciated, I think, because every song is a work of art.  Sure, some art may be better than others, but art is still art.  So no, I don't HATE this song.  It's just definitely not very high on my list.

I think the only songs I can truly HATE are ones that contain words or messages that I find to be offensive or corrupting, and I wouldn't want to share them on my blog.  So I'm not.  Deal.

Listening to:  Not this song.
Things Going on Today:  Big barbecue at work, Bones, dinner with g-rents, and a really productive voice lesson (Musetta's Walz is HARD)
Blessings:  My blanket, and a really nice voice teacher.   

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  1. ha ha we both have this as a least favorite song I think