Monday, March 14, 2011

Justin Bieber, Rascal Flatts -- "That Should Be Me"

Listen to his newest number with Rascal Flatts... he sings lower than Gary Levox and he's super old!
Other than that little blurb, this song's kind of boring.  It's almost too massive for its own good.  The instruments overpower everything and the lyrics aren't that great.  Only listen to hear Justin's new voice, which ain't bad in and of itself, but it will definitely take the "little-boy heartthrob" out of him.

Listening to:  "That Should be Me"
Things Going On Today:  Showed coworkers my newest song about a girl with a dirty mind, FHE
Blessings:  Root Beer Floats, visits to see the Parker Brothers (so I can get a teensy bit of work done before the BF comes back) and webcams.

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