Tuesday, March 15, 2011

30-Day Song Challenge: Day 6 -- A song that Reminds me of Somewhere

Billy Gilman's "My Girl" reminds me of the Colorado highway.

Why, you ask?
Well I got this CD when I was around twelve years old.  My step-grandma Mary gave it to me in one of those goody bags she always gives us when we go on a long journey somewhere.  In this case, it was to Utah.  She already had me hooked on Billy Gilman when she gave me "One Voice" a few years earlier.  So I knew perfectly well that this CD was going to be amazing.
This was back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth and we used portable CD players.  My mom and dad had a crappy old one and I would listen to this CD non-stop in the car on our way though Colorado.

Listening to:  It's Gonna Rain
Blessings:  Honest girls who give you back your sunglasses, seeing RMs that you haven't seen in three years, really nice comments on your papers when you get them returned from the teacher.
Things Going on Today:  Dinner Group at Julias... ten minutes ago. 

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