Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thinking About Weddings...

So I've been thinking about weddings lately, and I've decided that I want a lilac wedding when the big day arrives.   I found myself surfing the internet for cute, modest bridesmaids' dresses for mah girls, and this was one that caught my eye....

"Tea Party" modest prom dress in Lilac
$79.00... not bad!  

And I'd have them wear a simple string of pearls instead of that big gaudy thing she's wearing.  
The shoes would be cute, too. 

If I could get a similar dress in plum, for my sister, that would be great!  And something in that same plum color for my mom.

Listening to:  Train, "Meet Virginia"
Things Going On Today:  No Dinner Group
Blessings: Leftover meat from taco salad last week.    

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