Tuesday, March 29, 2011

30-Day Song Challenge: Day 18 -- A Song I wish I heard on the Radio

Book on Tape Worm's "Shadow Puppets."

It's not the only song by Book on Tape Worm that I want to hear on the radio, but it's the song that accompanies this cool promo video for their upcoming album release.

I know all three members of Book on Tape Worm personally. One of them is my roommate, Emily. They are an amazing band and they're going to be putting out a record sometime this year! I am so excited!! Their music is other-worldly, in a way. It uses an interesting combination of guitar, cello, piano, and profound lyrics that create this dreamworld. Someone once called them a "lullaband," and I would have to agree, Book on Tape Worm writes lullabies disguised as anti-folk ballads. It's a unique sound that I wish other bands would replicate. People love them. You should too.

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