Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rebecca Black's "Friday"

Okay.  I have to bring it up.


Ugh.  It's STUCK IN MY HEAD!!  That stupid FRIDAY song by Rebecca Black.  I don't know what this world is freaking coming to!!  Here is are the reasons why I think everything is WRONG about this whole Friday business...

  The girl is 13 years old.  Yeah, I know, there are other perfectly capable teenage musicians that I do appreciate.  Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" is pretty good, and she's 10!  I loved Billy Gilman and Charlotte Church when I was a kid, and they started at age 11.  Yeah, I suppose it's okay to start a musical career early on in your life.  BUT... that is when you actually have the talent to do so!!  This girl... this CHILD... Rebecca Black has no outstanding talent that should put her in such a celebrity standing so quickly.  It is unhealthy for girls that young to think they are superstars. Bad form, parents!  Don't use your kid as a money-making experiment!  Those little "camps" they have where you can send your kid in hopes that he/she will be the next Justin Bieber is NOT a good parenting technique.  It is a waste of money and time, and it leaves your kid spoiled rotten.  There is a reason why people like Lindsay Lohan are the way they are.  They were spoiled at a young age, thought they could get everything they wanted, and ended up ruining themselves.  I see Miley Cyrus is on the same track right now.  And this poor girl Rebecca is already a victim of fame, it seems.  She's jaded!  Poof!  Childhood gone.  Way to go, parents.
Now my beef about the song itself... it's CRAP!  If you're gonna make parents waste thousands of dollars to send their kids to pop star camp, you could at least give them a worthwhile song to sing!  "Yesterday was Thursday, today it is Friday...  Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards..."  YOU CALL THOSE LYRICS??  That's awful!!  Whatever talent that girl has is WASTED on a song that is total garbage.  I am completely ashamed of what is considered "pop" these days.  The worst part is that stupid rap in the middle.  Way to plug in the token black dude... and the worst part is, that's the producer of the whole thing!  If I were him, I would try to keep my face and name as far away from anything having to do with that song as possible.  It's an awful piece of junk.
Because this song is so gosh-darn terrible, I think it's perfectly acceptable to make online parodies of it.  Some of them are pretty funny! Most of them just make fun of the awful lyrics and stage production of the video. But according to this recent Good Morning America interview, there are comments also being posted in regards to Rebecca's vocal talent.  Please keep the criticism where it belongs.  Rebecca CAN sing.  Not well, not wonderfully, but she can sing.  It's the song and the whole system that's the problem.  I think Rebecca's a victim of modern decadence.  Call me cliche, but you gotta admit, this whole idea that money can buy fame is sort of screwed up.  People should be famous for their talent.  If they're not famous for their talent, they are infamous for their screwed-up lives, and the sick truth about society is that we are entertained by the fact that their lives are screwed up.  Sad thing indeed.

Listening to:  "Friday" by Rebecca Black
Things Going On Today:  98% on Humanities test, 93% on New Testament test, no work today.
Blessings:  Nights with very little homework.  Grilled Cheese sandwiches and clean water.

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