Friday, January 14, 2011

Who Needs Astrology??

So APPARENTLY there's a new sign in the Zodiac.  Apparently it's an adjustment for the Earth's slow-but-ever-changing rotation cycle around the sun.  This is all based on a statement from the Minnesota Planetarium Society (and of course it just HAD to be Minnesota, didn't it?).  Here's a brief rundown about this new astrological sign:

Name: Ophiuchus
Greek: "Serpent-bearer"
Dates: November 30 (or 29?  It's different among various sources) - December 17
The Story: Ophiuchus is the only sign in the zodiac related to a real person.  Apparently, this dude is a lot like the biblical Joseph who was sold into Egypt.  According to mythology, Ophiuchus is based off of a guy named Asclepius who, after seeing snakes bring each other healing herbs, found man's hope for eternal life.  Zeus didn't like that day, so he killed Asclepius, but later put him in the stars to show his good works.  If that's not a boring enough story for you, Ophiuchus also has ties to the character Laocoon from the Trojan War.  This guy was killed by snakes after he tried to warn the Trojans about the Greek's "gift" of a wooden horse.
Traits:  A healer, a searcher of truth and intelligence, favored by authority, envied by peers.

Because of this new sign, all the other zodiac periods have been thrown out of whack.  APPARENTLY I'm no longer a Virgo.  According to this new zodiac, I was born on September 8, 1990, during the zodiac period of Leo.  I believe this is false.
Let's compare, shall we, the traits of Virgo and the traits of Leo and see how well I match up:

reliable, industrious, intelligent, practical, adheres to standards, committed, detail-oriented, not too neat but organized, good memory, will complete a task completely and do the best they can, self-critical, a perfectionist, self-aware, thrifty, analytical, energetic, talkative, bossy, nit-picky, diligent, hard-working, pessimistic

ambitious, confident, loyal, generous, independent, warm, caring, giving, domineering, bossy, stubborn, sensitive to criticism, outwardly proud but inwardly insecure, appreciates routine and stability, motivated, organized, good leaders, refined, committed, steady

Yeah, I think I'm still a Virgo.  All this new Astrological stuff is BULLCRAP.
Actually, come to think of it, even the old Astrological stuff is BULLCRAP....  

But still rather interesting... 

Apparently, because I'm a Virgo, I'm supposed to get along well with Capricorn, Taurus, and Cancer.  I don't get along well with Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius.  My last boyfriend was a Libra.  According to my research, Libra plus Virgo equals very difficult and unsatisfying relationship.  After giving it some thought, I found that to be EXACTLY the case with this Libra partner.  He was too free-spirited, too flexible, and dissatisfied with my demand for standards and commitment.  He always would complain about how I think too much, and I always would complain about how he couldn't get his head out of the clouds!  It was scary how accurate these horoscopes were about our relationship.  Maybe I should pay more attention to these Zodiac signs when choosing potential partners...
Mark's and Aries, which is somewhere in between.   I think that means we may have to compromise on some things, but it could work.  Good thing.

But once again, this is all really BULLCRAP

It's as the Juliets say...

I can see the way we are
I don't need to know the stars. 

Listening to:  "Firework" by Katy Perry (again and again)
Blessings:  A free morning, three-day weekends, free recitals.
Things Going on Today:  I start my voice lessons, date with Mark tonight. 

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